Republic in Roman means in the “hands of the citizens”. It simply states that the head of the state will not be a monarch. The ruler would be selected on the basis of public choice which is achieved through public voting. It is also stated that the head of the state will abide by the rules as declared in the Indian constitution.

Why do we celebrate Republic day?

The Gantantra Divas ie the Republic day is celebrated because it is the day when our country India went for a makeover. The very learned Dr. B.R Ambedkar crafted India’s constitution and changed the outlook of our country in lieu of a better future head. Although, the meetings for the drafting of the constitution were started in 1947, the official papers were amended in 1950 after taking a lot of considerations and changes in fact.

How is Republic day celebrated in India?

From kids to adults, everybody is excited about the Republic day. I still remember how my grandpa used to take us all to the Red Fort just to get a glimpse of the military parade.

Well, times have changed but the level of excitement has not. Let me tell you one thing, the experience of watching the very beautiful parade is overwhelming in itself and that is proven by the number of people who visit the venue even on a cold wintry morning of January 26th. The events are fascinating enough for anybody be it a child of an adult.

The celebrations commence from the Raisina Hill marching out towards the Rashtrapati Bhavan which is the official residence of the president of India. From there, the parade sets out towards the India Gate where the president pays tribute to all the martyrs by laying a floral wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti.

Then procession proceeds towards the Red Fort and the flag hoisting takes place when the chief guest arrives. The world comes to a halt when the National Anthem of India is sung by everyone.

After that, the president of India gives away bravery awards to all those soldiers, kids and civilians who proved to be an asset to the country by following the path of kindness and those who helped somebody by risking their own lives.

The parade usually goes on for three hours where some very talented troops from all over India perform and give a glimpse of their beloved country. My favorite part of watching the Republic day celebration is gazing at the beautiful Jhanki display by various states. The march past by the Air, Ground, Navy, Police, NCC and all other country saviors is worth a round of applause. You will be awestruck by just having a look at them.

Besides, all this various schools kids and troops perform to celebrate the big day. The event ends with some very astonishing motorcycle and fighter airplane acts that you will possibly never forget in life.

How should I celebrate Republic day?

First of all, you need to have that respectful feeling for your country in your heart which I know all of you possess. If it is not possible for you to visit the actual venue then you can get up early and watch the ongoing Republic day celebrations on any news channel right at 9 am. Have and distribute some sweets as it is the day of celebration.

and here is something that will make you smile. 

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  1. You have put it all in a nutshell. Happy Republic Day and hope it turns out the way you have expatiated in a positive, celebratory vein. It is ntime for patang patang and not atang atang !

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