How to apply a foundation is the most important thing that someone needs to learn as the very first step. If the foundation is not applied in the right way, then it becomes really tough for someone to get rid of the whole look. The foundation is best applied with a beauty blender according to some and some others prefer using their fingers. These ways can only be used when you are applying a liquid foundation. When a foundation is flawlessly applied, it really flatters your look. Well, first things first the concealer is always applied after you have applied the foundation.

Videos on how to apply the foundation are also of great help because they practically show what you have to do in a very realistic way. The foundations are of great help whenever you have to head out somewhere really important but applying it the right way will look amazing. There are a certain ways in which it is done and you can check them all out from here.

Scroll below and know about all the possible good ways to apply a foundation.

Apply Foundation With Beauty Blender

how to apply foundation with beauty blender

Applying a good quality foundation with the help of a beauty blender is the best way out of all from the list. It ensures that there is evenness on the skin. The beauty blenders are available in different shapes and sizes for your convenience.

  • Pour some foundation on the beauty blender.
  • Now, gently dab it all around the face.

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 Apply Foundation With Brush

how to apply a foundation with a brush

Brushes are also used to apply foundation on the face and they sure are one of the best ways to apply foundation on your face considering that you are aware of the technique used.

  • Pour some foundation at the back of your palm.
  • Now, with your finger, apply dots of it on the face.
  • Blend with a brush outwards.

 Apply Foundation With Fingers

how to apply foundation with fingers

The foundation can be applied with the help of fingers but this way is usually recommended for those who are starting to learn makeup. One thing that someone needs to remember is definitely washing their hands. It is best using your fingers when you are applying the concealer.

  • Pour some foundation on the back of your hands.
  • Now, with your finger, apply it as dots on your face.
  • Blend using the ring finger.

Apply Foundation With Sponges

how to apply foundation with sponge

When in emergency, you can always take out the sponge from the compact powder box of yours. It is similar to the beauty blender in some senses. The sponge should be hygenic and make sure you only use yours.

  • Pour some foundation on the sponge.
  • Now, gently dab it on the face leaving no area uncovered.

Apply With Special Foundation Brush

how to apply a foundation with brush

The foundation brushes can be used to apply makeup on your skin flawlessly. There is a very special kind of makeup brush which is used by the professionals for applying makeup. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs.225

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The foundation is a very crucial part of the applying makeup because it acts as a base and every other step depends on it. Thus, here is the list of some steps to remember when applying foundation.

  • Choose the foundation according to your skin tone. 
  • Always keep your beauty blenders and makeup brushes clean. 
  • You can always use a tissue to get rid of the excess foundation. 
  • Always apply primer on your skin before applying foundation on your face.
  • The application of foundation should be done after sunscreen. 

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