Indian Independence Day Celebration in Office is not just a competition among your fellow colleagues, it is also a way to show that you are indeed a nation lover. The Decoration Ideas in Office should be out of the box if you want to win the race against everyone. The main element that needs to be the part of your decorations is your love for the country. If you feel enthusiastic and extremely happy about the celebrations, then your decoration is bound to be the best among all.

The Independence Day Decoration for school is not very high tech like offices but is definitely are made of great efforts. Several competitions are held during the Independence Day week to motivate kids to take part in India’s freedom celebrations. Our country is a land of celebrations, be it Republic Day Celebration at Office or Independence Day Decoration, all Indians are extremely excited about it. There are several other elements that you can instill in your Independence Day Decoration at office and become the winner of the tournament. While there are a heck lot of competitions, the Independence Day Decorations are also done in lieu of the auspicious occasion and to instill nationalism all everywhere.

This year, India will celebrate its 72nd Independence Day on the 15th of August 2018 which is a Wednesday. We are not very far from the Independence Day now and thus we need to prepare for it really quickly. Many offices and schools must have already communicated about the Independence Day Decoration Tournament already and thus people are searching about ideas for decoration at office and school.

Scroll below to 10 Ways Decoration and Celebration at Office.

1Decoration With Balloons

independence day decoration ideas office

Decorating with the balloons is the most common way to imbibe some life in your cubicle at at office. The balloons are available in several colors and you can chose the tricolor ones for the decoration purposes. You can decorate it either all over the desk or use the helium one for the edges so that they stand still where they are.

2Soft Board Decoration

soft board decoration for independence day

The soft board decoration is the most easiest to decorate. Well, for those of you who have completely forgotten what a soft board is, here is brief description for you. It is a black baord right infront of your desk. To decorate the soft board, you can make Independence Day Charts and put in Independence Day Quotes with pictures of the freedom fighters. You can also show the whole story of the Independence struggle through pictures.

Tip : If you are not on the artistic side, just take print outs of their pictures and paste them accordingly when you are making the charts.

3Independence Day Rangoli

independence day decor

The Rangoli can be made on a small area near your desk on your table itself where nobody can touch it. One thing to remember is to make it a small one so that it is easier to clean up the mess afterwards.

4Indian Flag Decoration

independence day decor

The flags are objects of respect and thus should be treated that way. The flags can be decorated all over the desk in line or pasted on the soft board to commemorate the special occasion of Independence Day. This one is the simplest way to decorate your desk.

5Tricolor Umbrella Decoration

independence day decor office and school

You will have to collect the little umbrellas that you commonly find in your glasses of mock tails and juices. You can also get them from the whole sale market for that matter. Get them home and color them with the help of water colors in green, saffron and white. Adjust them on the desk or on the soft board as you like.

6Tricolor Jars and Glasses

independence day office decoration

If you have those coffee jars and milkshake glasses at home, then you can sure create a D.I.Y Independence Day craft from them. Just wash and dry them off first. Now take a chart and make it look like the Indian flag with the help of colors. Paste it on the outer side. You can put inside it some toffees and offer them to people in lieu of the occasion.

7Tricolor Bookmarks

independence day decor at office

The tricolor bookmarks can be colored with the colors of the flag and put in the pen stand or pasted with the double tape on your computer screen.

8Tricolor Rice Plate

independence day decor office

Rice have various uses and one such is extremely beautiful crafts. All you need is uncooked rice, zipper bags and artificial colors. In a zipper bag, put some rice, 2-3 drops of the artificial colorant and keep it for some time.

9Freedom Fighters & Ice Cream Stick

independence day decor at office

You can find the images of these freedom fighters in the market itself and all that you need to do is get some ice cream sticks. Cut out some cardboard, paste it on the stick and on the surface of the cardboard, paste the picture. Tadaa you are done.

10Tricolor Kites

independence day decoration office

You can find these tricolor kites in the market very easily and then you can paste them on your soft board as you like.

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