Independence Day Decoration in Office – The 15th August Decoration Ideas have always included of tricolor themed setups mostly inclusive of Saffron, White and Green color. If the event is on a larger platform and you are looking for stage decoration for Independence Day Day, well we would advise you be easy with the decor ideas. Notice Board and Board decoration for Independence Day is however listed out here.

Indian Independence Day Celebration in Office is not just a competition among your fellow colleagues, it is also a way to show that you are indeed a nation lover.

Know how to celebrate Independence Day!

Corporate all over India celebrate the Independence Day to ensure employee engagement and to raise the spirit of nationalism among them. This year, we will celebrate the 73rd year of Independence on the 15th August. Make sure you are a part of the celebrations by decorating your work desks and winning the game.

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Prepare for your Independence Day Decoration well in advance by buying items in advance because the price is definitely going to soar during the event. Buy Tricolor Balloons, Rangoli Colors, Empty Jars, Kites and Saffron and Green umbrellas to raise the bar of the competition at office.

Independence Day Decoration in Office

Decoration With Balloons

independence day decoration ideas office

Adding Gas filled Tricolor Balloons can add an instant element in the Independence Day decor. They are simple to do and do not consume much of your time. Order set of your balloons today.

Soft Board Decoration

soft board decoration for independence day

The soft board decoration date back to the times when we all were in school. You can decorate your soft board with Independence Day Charts and Scriptures. PS. take help from your kids.

Independence Day Rangoli

independence day decor

Rangoli making is an art which is very famous in India and is considered auspicious too. So, make your efforts to honor the very auspicious day of Independence by making a tricolor Rangoli.

Indian Flag Decoration

independence day decor

Tricolor Flags are available everywhere during the Independence Day celebrations. You can buy a set of those but make sure you keep them with respect. Take them to office and decorate them all over the desk.

Tricolor Umbrella Decoration

independence day decor office and school

Umbrellas are a modern way to decorate your work desk with the Independence Day spirit. You can buy them from any of retail shops and color them in tricolor shades.

Tricolor Jars and Glasses

independence day office decoration

If you have actually saved your milkshake mugs and cookie jars then they are going to help you a lot in the Independence Day decor. You can color them in tricolor shades as DIY objects.

Tricolor Bookmarks

independence day decor at office

Make small little tricolor bookmarks in the shape of kites or cute flags. You can out them in your notepads or important books at work. Impress your colleagues with your DIY.

Tricolor Rice Plate

independence day decor office

Rice are mostly used as ingredients for Rangoli. You can dye them in tricolor shades and either make colorful Rangoli with them or use edible colors to serve them as a dish.

Freedom Fighters & Ice Cream Stick

independence day decor at office

Collect some ice-cream sticks and also a chart of pictures of freedom fighters of India. You will get these stationery shop. Paste these pictures on the stick and display on the stick.

Tricolor Kites

independence day decoration office

A very easy to tame Independence Day decor is to decorate it with tricolor kites. While they might be common but they are definitely traditional way to celebrate.

A very Happy Independence Day to all of you!

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