15th August Speech or Independence Day Speech for Teachers in English is mostly written by the teachers themselves but sometimes you need a little help with the format and the written part. No worries, here is a short Independence Day Speech that we have curated for your convenience. If you are hosting the Independence Day Programme 2018 in school, it would be your best bet to read up deeply about the history and significance of this day and then come up with a new piece in your own words. You can check out the Independence Day History from here.

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The Independence Day Speech for primary school or for instance UKG students should always be a short one because being so young, they understand simple language. Independence Day also calls for decoration in office, you can take some of the ideas from your which will help you out in short period. We have also listed some ways in which you can celebrate the Independence Day in the right way, check out from here.

The Independence Day Speech are one of the best ways to imbibe that feeling of love for the country in the listeners mind. Moreover the power of words inspire everyone.

Independence Day Speech in English

Good morning to all my respected teachers and dear friends, today we have gathered here for a very special occasion which is the Independence Day. It falls on the 15th of August as you all are well aware of. So how many of you know the significance of this day other than it being a day of freedom for our county? The definition of the day although speaks that it is indeed a day of freedom but just try to dive inside the righteous concept. Several people gave their life for the freedom of the country at that time just to ensure that we breathe in the free air. They did not care about their life but just their nation.

If you have read the story of Bhagat Singh, who along with Rajguru and Sukhdev gave their precious life for the nations betterment. It is because of them and several other Shaheeds that we are living in an environment where we can call ourselves free from any kind of rules that would hamper the development of the country and its citizens. They did it selflessly and because they wanted to see the nation off the claustrophobic rule of the British . Well, we as India’s citizens can do our bits as well.

Here, I would like to clarify that standing up for your nation, does not only mean giving up your life for it but other things that might change the scenario of the nation. For instance, you can save water, plant a tree, help someone in need or ensure that you follow the traffic rules. Our nation today stands on the 133rd place on the list of the World’s Happiness Index, this calls for a subtle action from our side too. Be happy, keep others around you happy. The day of Independence calls for celebration but as citizens of India, we also need to make sure that we take our freedom fighter’s  legacies forward and ensure that their dream of India as a developed country is fulfilled.

Independence Day is not just a holiday but a day on which you need to make sure that you are using that Independence in the right way or not. Jai Hind. Wish you and your family a very happy 73rd Independence Day.

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