Home is a place where we feel the happiest and de-stressed and if the place is not comfortable we become all irritated. Hence, it is always better to maintain your house environment in such way that you do not feel inconvenient at all. They say that there is no place in the world better than your home and it is genuinely true. Hence, let us nurture our home in such a way so that we can be as comfortable as snug as a bug in a rug.

The weather and climatic conditions vary from place to place. It is possible that your place might be more humid and hotter than the others. So extra efforts are required to be at pace with others. Air conditioners, ice creams, shorts, and skirts yep! We know that it’s summers.

Let us see some ways to keep our home cool naturally.

Plant some trees

First things first, planting trees makes a lot of difference. As we all know, they emit oxygen and help in keeping the environment clean and green. Hence, try and pot plants outside your house as well inside for a fresher air to breathe.

Keep the blinds dark and close

The lighter are your curtains in material, the more sunlight and heat will they let in. So, try saving yourself and your bedroom from heat and consider putting a thicker material and moreover keep them close through the noon. Trust us, it is going to make a lot of difference.

Do not put hard and thick bed sheets

I remember how my friend once had a fury pink color bed sheet that she just did not want to get rid of despite change in seasons. Though the bedsheet was utterly beautiful, it was killing in summers obviously because of the thick material it was made of. So peeps, do not do this mistake and consider putting cotton bedsheets or lighter ones.

Keep cross ventilation in check

Consider cooling your room with the help of the almighty’s natural air conditioner and that is the cool breeze. Open the windows of your house but keep the net ones closed so as to block the entry of mosquitos. Also, remember to open them early in the morning and during the late evenings. This will let the fresh air in and help in cross ventilation as well.

Choose the right colors

The color of the bed sheets is as important as their material. Light colors actually repel heat and that is why they are perfect for your bed sheets and curtains. They make the atmosphere feel cooler.

Switch on fewer lights during the daytime

If you haven’t noticed until now, let me tell you one more heat attracting factor in your house. Well, if you switch more Incandescent bulbs, they will not only imply more heat but also would use more amount of energy than the CFL’s. So, consider switching them off during daytime or just plugging on lesser.

Paint your roof white

The surface of your home should be painted white as they repel the heat and will not absorb the warmth and let it in. Just like the snow repels sunlight to heat, your roof will too.

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