Valentine Week 2023 is defined as a week filled with the days of love. These days include Rose Day on 7th Feb, Propose Day on 8th Feb, Chocolate Day on 9th Feb, Teddy Day on 10th Feb, Promise Day on 11th Feb, Hug Day on 12th Feb, Kiss Day on 13th Feb and Valentines Day on the 14th Feb respectively. These days have different meanings attached to them and thus different Valentine Gifts go in hand with them. Out of all the Valentines Gifts, the best to give each other is your genuine emotions. Check out the list consisting of One gift for each day of Valentines Week 2023 for her.

Women can be super happy with your small, little gestures. Give her the gifts that would make her feel that she is valued, respected and loved. The valentine week or the week of love starts with Rose Day on 7th February followed by propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day and kiss day and finally Valentine day! Give gifts to your partner the whole week and not just one day.

One gift for each day of Valentines Week 2023 for her

Rose Day – 7th February 2023 

Valentine Week 2023

As the name suggests, give your loved one a bunch of beautiful roses to start her week beautifully with a bright smile. Just to be a little bit different, give her those colour of roses which she likes. If you can find the rare black or purple rose it will surely make her day. You can send these beautiful Rose Day 2023 Images to them as well. 

Propose Day – 8th February 2023 

valentine week 2023

I think the best gift which you can give her on this day is a necklace with a beautiful heart pendant, having a picture of both you. Give her the necklace and you can ask her out all over again. Want to propose someone? Cool! Check these awesome Happy Propose Day Images from here. 

Chocolate Day- 9th February 2023

valentine week 2023

Chocolate day means giving your girl plenty of her favourite chocolates to add sweetness to your relationship. You can make a bouquet in which instead of flowers there will be chocolates. You can also give her a basket which a teddy bear is holding with full of chocolates in it. You can buy this from amazon. Check out the significance of Chocolate Day to know more. 

Teddy Day – 10th February 2023 

valentine week 2023

Every girl on this planet loves teddy bears! Gift her an adorable teddy bear with whom she can cuddle and talk to if you are not present. What will happen with just one? Stuff her room with a lot of teddy bears of various sizes. Send her an adorable teddy on Teddy Day from this Teddy Day Images collection. 

 Promise Day – 11th February 2023

valentine week 2023

Promising each other to stay together through thick and thin. Don’t you think you need something concrete to keep this promise? Gift her a promise ring as a token of commitment, a way of expressing your love. Vow with these stunning Promise Day Images. 

Hug Day – 12th February 2023 

valentine week 2023

What do girls keep in their arms the most? They hug their pillow all the time while sleeping or sitting. On this hug day, gift her a pair of personalized cushions with her initials or her favourite cartoon character. You can also buy those cushions on which King and queen are written because you surely are the King and Queen of your own love story. Know the significance of Hug Day from here. 

Kiss Day – 13th February 2023

valentine week 2023

I think giving your girlfriend/wife a dog who can give her sloppy kisses all the time is the perfect and thoughtful gift which you can give to her. To have a companion who will love her as much as you do and someone with whom she can cuddle in your absence. Know about the types of kisses and their meanings to celebrate the day accordingly. 

Finally, comes ‘The Day’- Valentine’s Day. The day of love, for all the lovers out there. You can find ample of ideas for gifts on this website. Even if you are single spend the day with your family, best friends because they are the people you truly love.

It is rightly said that “the greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper but in love”. Whatever you give to your partner will be an expression of your love. Every small effort counts so; if you do anything for her, do it will all your heart. Bring a wide smile on her face by making her whole valentine’s week rocking.

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