A blazing sun, merciless heat and sweat trickling all over the body constitute the charm of Summers altogether. Coming home from the Scorching Heat and beating the feat of Summers with those cool fresh juices and sodas are a well-relishing experience. The advent of summers comes with truckloads of planning for hikes, bikes and late nights! Summers unravels exciting ventures. The ever loved the exquisite Now one does not have to yawn over sunsets anymore. Summer’s Happiness is advanced by the early Dawn and late Sunset. Summers are liked by people a lot. 

And here are 10 things we love by the coming of Summers, making our life shinier and brighter!

Longer Days: Late Sunset, Early Sunrise

With Sun coming out from the corner, the advent of rejuvenating mornings begins and spreads it weather of Sunny Day on us. Gone are those awful days where the Sun never used to come before 7 AM. The Longer the Day gets, the more you get active by the prospectus of Sunrise. The enjoyment of extra daylight hours can be felt in visiting families and chilling out with Friends. 

Great time to Enjoy Amusement Parks

It’s a feast to enjoy outdoor activities in Summer Season. One can indulge in so many things, one such is to have a great time to chill at the Waterparks. People can relish an ideal weekend in the rides and fun of the parks. The wiggling water pools, slides, and ice-chilled beverages can toss greater fun in Summers.

Delight by Scoops and Popsicles

Who doesn’t like those Colorful twirling Sundaes and Scoops of Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream lavished with nuts and sauces and multi-flavored popsicles? The delight of Gulping Scoops over Scoops is all the more refreshing and tantalizing in Summers. Though Ice creams and Popsicles are all-time favorite dessert, the level of Satisfaction advanced in Summer Season is beyond par.

Fresh Juicy Fruits

We eagerly wait for Summers to unleash so as the Market and road peddlers are adorned with deliciously tasty watermelons, melons, Soaked with rich nutrients and deliciously juicy mangoes, litchis and watermelons are the staple fruits for Summers. Mango Shake is one of the cherished shakes during the sunny season. The infusion of a variety of fruits tossed together is truly a freshly delight salad.

Styling with Colorful Cotton Clothing

The sunshine weather gives an extra reason to adorn oneself with the graceful Hotpants, mini skirts, and floral dresses, adding an extra charm in the Sunny weather. The loose-comfortable dressing up with cotton clothes with a unique range of Maxis, dresses, and Shirts gives a good sense of styling to your attire. Wearing range of Colorful dresses 

Summer’s Evening walk: Awakening the Spirits

After a long Sunny day, all you need is some time to relax and connect with yourself. For that matter, you must indulge yourself in the evening walks. Taking long walks in the Summers, raking with friends is one of the most underrated moments of the life. The advent of Summer comes with long daylight hours and the breezing evenings that soothe the Spirits within. 

Camping and Outdooring: Enticing Experience 

There is nothing more enticing than the advent of losing yourself in the airs of Lakes and valleys. The bonfires and the Camps stitched in the open areas are a great venture to ponder over. Roasted marshmallows, Barbeques and riverside fun is a great combination to have mindblowing fun. The joy of camping is felt in the light of Summers where the weather is perfect and brightening.

Road Trips: Unleash Possibilities 

When winters are around, one cannot relish the experience of riding a Thunderbird near the Valleys and the favorite Leh Ladakh occasion is postponed. However, that can be possible in the months of Summers. The weather is much favorable and most of the destinations are wide welcomes the tourists to make their experience count.

Wearing Flowery Flip Flops

In Summers, everybody likes loosing up a bit which is why we love wearing cool linen clothes matched with the Flowery-Colorful Flip-Flops that give a 10/10 mark in the look. The very delight of wearing those air-free flip flops and sandals is very exciting for those who love being cool and Stylish. You may witness Girls wearing the variety of them, matching their outfit.

Ice Candy- The Joy of Eating Kalakhatta 

The lush of colorful syrups adorned with an ice fudge is truly a delight to cherish. Eating Ice candies is one of the cherished staples of all the time. The “ Kalakhatta ” squashed with colorful syrup is truly lip-smacking. The frozen chunks of ice, pop into our mouths, leaving it all icy cold. Relishing a “Gola” or two can never be missed in Sunny day.

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