There have been a bunch of things that broke the internet in 2018 but the Kiki Challenge is the most recent and latest. The Kiki Challenge is the most shared upon the internet right now. Best Viral Moments do make us laugh but they are sometimes risky too. People usually take up these challenges for fun and fame but really you have to first ensure your safety. The Viral Things on the internet in 2017 are old school now because there are several things which have taken the internet by high in the year 2018, well one of which is the Kiki Challenge.

Latest : Bangalore Police has issued an advisory about why you should not attempt the Kiki Challenge. Any person found attempting such will be put behind the bars.

Viral Posts on the Internet are there to make you laugh but sometimes they become so dangerous to life and property that they have to be officially banned. The Kiki Challenge went global after the launch of the song ” In My Feelings” by Drake.

Scroll below to the list of 10 Other Things That Went Viral In 2018.

What The Fluff Challenge

Well, this is quite a cute challenge which invloves your pupper ie your doggo, a blanket or sheet and obviously you. People would hold that sheet and hide behind it calling the name of the dog. The next step was to run away without letting the doggo now where that voice was coming from. Cute one isnt it?

Get Out Challenge

This challenge was quite witty as well. The challenge was inspired by the movie “Get Out”. It involved a person running towards the camera and then funnily changing his or her way. A little lame but amusing.

Kiki Challenge

The most talked about challenge on the internet right now is definitely the Kiki Challenge. It involves people coming out the car with the door open and dancing on the “In My Feelings” song. The challenge has now been declared risky to life.

Zoom Challenge

The zoom challenge went viral in the year 2018 after the song ” Mickey” by Lil Yachty went viral. This challenge was considered dangerous as it involved yanking the person from the frame by legs. It was so fast that it could give injuries.

Mannequin Challenge

The challenge was quite hillarious as it involved being frozen for a period of time just wherever you are. It attracted large number of viewers and many took up the challenge and went viral on the internet.

Neymar Challenge

The challenge was inspiring and funny at the same time. It became viral after the Russia World Cup 2018. The challenge involved rolling on the floor holding your knee with some witty expressions.

Tide Pod Challenge

The challenge was quite dangerous as it involved eating and chewing the tide pods which are used to clean clothes originally. Some people even cooked and ate them. The tide pods are very risky to health and can cause mishaps if ingested.

Cinnamon Challenge

This challenge involved ingesting a spoonful of cinnamon without water and this incidence really went viral on the internet in a jiffy. Many people were reported for being intoxicated after they attempted this challenge

Fire Challenge

This challenge crossed all the levels of extremity. The challenge involved throwing something flammable all over the body and then lighting it up. It instantly went viral and to everybody’s surprise even kids were trying this dangerous challenge out.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge obviously became viral because girls are quite crazy about how fulll and sexy her lips are. This challenge involved sucking air out of a shot glass which created friction and hence swelled up lips. This activity had adverse reaction.

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