What is a party, without games? Party games are the ice breaking sessions. They set the mood for your party and get your party rolling. It is best ways to bring your guests together and actually be a part of your gathering. You really do not want your guests to huddle up in small groups or even worse busy on their phones. The whole idea of having a party is to just enjoy and have the time of your life with your loved ones. So, for your party you need to come up with some really quirky ideas. Do not make your guests play the same old boring games like tail the donkey (SO…BASIC..!!). I have some fun party game ideas that will just make your party a rocking affair and you my friend will be the best host. So, here are some really amusing party game ideas for your new year’s eve bash. Let’s START..!!


This party game is perfect to keep your guests on their toes throughout the party. So, the trick is you need to have a lot of stickers in your party. You handover 15-20 stickers to all your g c. Now, the trick is to be really sneaky. The guests have to stick these stickers on the other guests without them noticing it. If you get caught in the act then the guest can stick a sticker on you. The first guests who finishes all their stickers wins.


This game is really silly. It will surely crack your guests up and you will have a laughter riot. All you need are helium balloons and prepare chits with funny, dramatic dialogues. Now, a guest has to pick a chit, consume the helium-filled in the balloon and then say the dialogue. The helium will make the guest sound so funny that you will laugh out loud.


This game is perfect for making your guests break a leg. The game is one guest wiggles their hips. The next guest does the hip wiggle and adds some jazz hands. The other guest that crazy jazz hands and the wiggle and adds their moves. So, you got my idea by now.


So, this game is to make your guests sloshed. You have to decide some cheat words like every time someone greets the other person with a Hello or something like every time someone does something or a certain song plays in your party. All the guests have to drink a shot and on certain activity they have to do bottoms up.


This game is really fun, the idea is out of nowhere a guest yells ” Honey I love you… Smile For me Please. The other guests have to come up with the most creepy, diabolical smile.


Probably, you know this game but I will still break it down for you. Every time a guest yells the phrase “The floor is lava” All the guests have to get in a position where their feet do not touch the floor. Climb on some other guest’s lap or climb on the sofa whatever they do their feet should not touch the ground.


So, every time a guest says ” All the people who love nachos flow with the wind” the guest who loves nachos need to get up and change their seats but the trick is that you will have to arrange your seats in a set pattern like in a circle or so. The guest has to get up and move 2 seats ahead but if the other guests capture the seat first then you’re out. So let the wind flow.

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