Friendship Day 2021 is almost there now and if you haven’t prepared for it do not worry, last minutes gifts are always there for one’s rescue. Sometimes handmade gifts or DIY’s can also help in situations like these. With just a few days left for the occasion, ordering from Online websites would now be a little tougher as their could be a delay in the delivery of the product. Your best best would be to buy unique and cute gifts for your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or whomsoever you consider your BFF for life from the nearby store. But before that, you have to make it a point to decide about the gift you are going to give them. That ll save your time as well as your efforts when you head towards the market.

The Friendship Day falls on the 5th of August this year which is a Sunday. Being an holiday, it gives you an ample amount of time spend with your buddy and make them believe that that you indeed care for them and love them. Well, friends are actually even closer than some of our relatives to us. They are people whom you can share even the tiniest bit of your problem in life without hesitation.

They do deserve a special gift this Friendship Day! Scroll below to the list of Last Minute Gifts For Friendship Day.

Coffee Mug

Last minute gifts friendship day

Coffee and Tea are life for some of us. Getting a customised coffee mug or the one with your favorite color or cartoon is literally a bliss. You can simply give your friend a coffee or tea mug from their favorite merchandise.

Cute Necklace

handmade gifts friendship day

You both can actually twin in a necklace. You can bring a pair of suitable necklace for you and your friend. Metallic ones are quite in trend as of right now. You can get the one with an initial too.

Photo Frame

friendship day gift online

This might sound a little common but works nearly every time. You can get a cute photo frame for him or her and put in that a beautiful picture of you both. Quite usual but still amazing.

Desk Plants

friendship day gifts online handmade

Plants are always considered as great gifts because they have so many benefits attached to them. They instill positivity in life and also are advantageous for one’s health. You can get these from any nearby gift shop or nursery.

Flask and Tumblers

friendship day gifts boyfriend

We all know how important it is to drink water throughout the day. You can gift your dear friend a cute tumbler and flask so that he or she can carry water with them just wherever they go.

Gem Stone Jewellery

friendship day gifts online

Gem Stone Jewellery look really beautiful and pretty and works perfect as a gift for your girlfriend or a female best friend. These look like Victorian art pieces and your friend are going to cherish this gift all their life.

Pretty Curtains and Bed Sheets

friendship day gifts for girlfriend

If your friend is into room decor and interior designing then this might work best for them. You can find awesome bunch of room decor options from your nearby home store. Your friend will definitely value your effort for this.

Fridge Magnets

friendship day gifts cute

Fridge Magnets can be given to your friend as a friendship day gift. They are funky as heck and can be given according to their the receiver’s choice. For instance, you can give Harry Potter magnets to a Hogwarts Fan.

Favorite Album CD

friendship day gifts diy unique

This gift would really be close to your friend’s heart as it would consist all of his or her favorite songs. This Gift literally shows how much your friend means to you.

Handmade Soaps

friendship day gifts unique

You can buy and give beautiful handmade soaps to your best friend. These can be bought from the nearby quality tested organic store. Make sure you get them packed in a pretty wrap up.

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