Whenever there’s an occasion like a festival or an event, we always love exchanging gifts. Receiving and giving gifts often fill us with a strong sense of happiness as well as gratitude. Gifts are not just objects but have emotions associated with them. More often than not, it is the thought and emotion that come with gifting someone that holds more importance. 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and needless to say, most of us are excited about showering our loved ones with beautiful gifts on this day. 

While flowers and chocolates make for the most popular gifting options, we can always consider drifting a bit apart and gifting something unique. So, this Valentine’s Day, let us ditch the traditional flowers and chocolates and opt for something unique – something that our loved one will not only like but also feel great about. And probably help us bond even better with our loved ones. 

This Valentine’s Day consider some unique gifting ideas suggested by Archies Limited:


We can opt for cufflinks when it comes to gifting accessories to men. While several accessories are available these days, a pair of nice cufflinks can make a lot of difference. The best part is, these days customised cufflinks are also available and we can get them customised accordingly such as getting letters crafted or initials crafted on them. Such accessories can be bought online as well. 

Wind Chimes 

While wind chimes have been around for quite some time now, gifting one to our loved one this Valentine’s Day can make for a great gifting option. Interestingly it can be gifted to both – whether a man or a woman. The sound of wind chimes often tends to have a calming effect on our minds, making a nice gifting option. Therefore, let us choose to gift something different this Valentine’s Day by opting for a wind chime. 

Leather Wallets or Handbags 

In terms of gifting something unique, we can also choose to gift storage options or bags to carry our daily essentials. Keeping such an option in mind, we can think of leather bags and handbags as unique gifting options.  Leather wallets these days make for an ideal travel case that can contain a lot of travel accessories and other necessary items. Several varieties and styles of leather wallets and handbags are available these days, coming in various shapes, sizes and colours. We can choose to buy them either through the online space or through the numerous physical shops. 

Fragrance Gift Set

Both Men & Women love decking up – whether on Valentine’s Day or on other occasions. We want to look our very best every time we go out. Gifting fragrances or perfumes can turn out to be a unique choice in terms of giving something on Valentine’s Day. We can choose to buy such gift hampers online as well. Needless to say, we women would be delighted to receive perfumes as gifts on Valentine’s Day. 

Glassware and Bar Accessories 

Thinking of unique gifting ideas, especially on Valentine’s Day, we can also opt for something as unique as glassware and bar accessories. It would be great for someone who enjoys an occasional drink. We can choose from shot glasses to champagne flutes as gifts for our loved ones and see them smiling constantly. 

Closing Thoughts 

Valentine’s Day is one occasion that people, especially youngsters look forward to throughout the year. Gifts are exchanged and the day is celebrated with full enthusiasm. Unique gifting ideas can make the day all the more enjoyable and appreciated by our near and dear ones. So, this Valentine’s Day let’s drift away from the normal and give something unique to our loved ones.

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