To your surprise, a new study has revealed that Intelligent people live more of a sedentary lifestyle that those of who are binge watchers and sleeping beauties. Hence, now you can explain your lethargy in a constructive way to anybody. How awesome is that?

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We will totally help out guys today. I have curated some great and easy life hacks for you all. Get a glimpse beneath.

The Breakfast Hack

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If you happen to be diet conscious or simply not interested in having your omelet with the yolk then my friend you can probably separate both of them with the help of a bottle. Just break your egg on a plate, hold the bottle onto the face of the yolk and pull it up. It really works and will save you from the mess.

The Popsicle Hack

Are you always afraid of buying your little kid an ice candy? I have a really good solution to forbid the guilt feeling. You can use a cupcake liner and put it on the ice cream so that there is no dripping absolutely. Saves the new sofa cover too.

The Double Duster

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Don’t feel like cleaning your drawing room? No worries at all. Lint rollers can be easily put up as cleaning machines. You just need to roll them up on whatever lamp shade or furniture you would like to clean. It’s that simple.

The Perfect Bowl

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If you don’t feel like washing up the bowl in which you had that chicken pasta last night, we are here for a quick fix. You just need to wear your hoodie with the back in the front and pour all your popcorn in the car itself. Tadaaa!!

Impeccable Lighter

Now, this is quite interesting and I am going to really use it for future purposes. Save your soft fingers from burning while lighting a candle with a matchstick instead take a wick of spaghetti and light it up with that.

The Wooden Grace

If you want to get rid of those scratches your dog or cat has put on your new wooden chair or probably the center table. Get yourself a Walnut and just simply rub it on the claw mark. Now that was a piece of cake.

The After Shave mess

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If you really want to avoid that after shave cut on your face, try not washing your face with soap before the process. The soap will suck up all the essential oils and make your skin dry.

Maintaining Your Garden

Are you too busy watching Netflix but also have to water your plants then let’s head up for the next hack? Take a bottle of your choice and chuck in some holes at one side of it. Now attach this to the water pipe and you are done.

The I-pad Hack

Have to make up dinner but also cannot miss that episode of your favorite Game of Thrones? Buy up those self-adhesive plastic hooks and bang on. You can multi task now.

Cookie Lover

So you find it really hard to get up on that Sunday morning and cook yourself some breakfast. Take up a cookie pack and pour some milk in one of the spaces in the packet. Grr.. dude by doing this you really save yourself from the hassle of washing dishes.

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So, men , I am sure you are keen to welcome some great child’s play methods in your life so as to keep up that moony behavior of yours.

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