Emoji have been a part of our life for many years now, we absolutely cannot complete a conversation without them. I mean like even if one has a formal chat going on, he or she at least tries to instill a formal smiley within, we are that crazy over emoji. The best emoji for your loved one is the red beating heart 💗 According to me, the reason being here is because it actually beats like a real heart. Okay, so without wasting any time let us talk about the love emoji that can be used for you dear beau on Valentines day. 

Winking Whats app Smiley 😉

Shows that you are trying to flirt with the other person but you need to be very careful with this emoji. Do not send it to anyone whom you are not supposed to flirt with.

The Closed Eyes Kiss Smiley 😚

Plant a nice kiss on his or her forehead by sharing this smiley.

The Blowing kiss Smiley 😘

The emoji indicates that you want to plant a kiss on their face, besides this it also might indicate gratitude.

The Smiling Face With Heart Eyes 😍

I always use this emoji when someone sends me the picture of some dog our puppy. It symbolizes that your eyes can see nothing but love.

Couple with Heart  💏  

This emoji shows that the couple is happily in love and both the man and woman are inseparable.

Heart with Arrow 💘

The emoji suggests that you have been struck by love at the first sight itself, it also indicates that you are suffering from Love sickness.

Beating Heart 💓

This emoji indicates life in heart and shows that it is still beating, it also suggests that there is a baby on the way.

Blue Heart 💙

The blue heart represents loyalty between two people be it in friendship or in a girl guy relationship.

Heart with an exclamatory mark ❣

The exclamatory mark suggests that I love you is the conclusion and the sole answer to all of the latter’s questions. Period.!

Red Heart ❤

The red heart is suggestive of extreme passion and love between two people. You can send it anybody your love infinitely.

Purple Heart 💜

The purple heart is representative of sexuality, it shows that the person is keen to talk something very sensual with you.

Revolving Hearts 💞

This emoji indicates that this person’s heart is running around your heart to tame your love. It is suggestive of the fact that he or she might want to come closer to you.

Couple Kissing with a heart in between 💏

The emoji suggests that the either side want to kiss the other right now, also the pink heart is suggestive of lots and lots of love in between them.

Mouth Open 😯

This emoji is suggestive of the fact the sender side is attracted to the receiver and is possible sending a sensual signal to the latter.

Heart with a Bow 💝

It shows that you are gifting your heart and its love to someone special.

Heart with stars 💖

This emoji means that the sender loves you a lot, you are the star of their life. They sparkling heart shows that the reward for your love is not very far now.

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