Rose Day 2023 falls on the 7th Feb 2023 every year. It is celebrated as the first day of the Valentine Week 2023 so what do the different colors of rose symbolise? Well, we are all well aware of the fact that the red rose symbolize love and passion but very few of us know about the meaning of other roses by their colors and numbers. The Rose Color Guide do help us out when we are choosing a bouquet of roses for people we are not well verse with or are new to. For instance, the natural color roses such as red rose meaning is passion, purple rose meaning is deep attraction, green rose meaning is fertility and blue rose meaning related to immortality.

Rose Color Guide is very simple to understand. The meanings of the color of natural roses is quite intriguing as well. It helps use to decide beforehand which rose you should give to whom. Check out the Rose color and number guide calendar from down below to make it more easier for you. Check out Types of Roses from here as well.

Rose Day 2023 List

happy rose day 2023

Roses are life, it they were no roses present, there would have been no Happy Rose Day 2023. Just as we celebrate Valentine Day 2023 with Valentine Day Gifts. The Rose Day 2023 also calls for Rose Day Gifts for boyfriend. If you are looking for one consider giving him a Happy Rose Day painting made by you. This handmade painting is definitely going to set fires in his heart.

Rose Color and Number Guide 2023 🌹

Natural Color Roses Color of Roses Rose Color Meanings
Pure Red     Red Roses Extreme Commitment of Love and Passion.
Sunny Yellow     Yellow Rose   Pure Form of Friendship
Pure Black    Black Rose Death of a Relationship
 Baby Pink    Pink Rose New and Gentle Relationship
 Pearl White    White Rose Purity and Innocence
 Tangy Orange   Orange Rose Pride and Passion

This is the complete guide to know about the significance of different colors of roses and that of numbers of roses. To express yourself through flowers, you should know what they mean. This guide is here to help you do just that.

Yes! Roses are that capable, they are effective enough to bring a smile on anybody’s face. This rose day, let us take pride in talking about them.

What is Rose Day 2023 ?

Rose Day occurs on the 7th of February and marks the commencement of the Valentine Week. The significance of this day is really emotional as the rose stands as the symbol of love and romance. Rose day is celebrated by lovers all over the world. You should definitely present a beautiful rose to that beautiful person of your life. The Rose Day goes hand in hand with the rose color and number guide because of the fact that its the day of the roses itself. Hence to understand the rose color guide, its very important for you to study the table above in brief and then come scrolling down to rose color guide in detail.

rose day 2023

Every one of you must have heard the phrase, Roses are red, the sky is blue, Oh my dear I love you. This phrase does compliment the significance of colors in our life. While Valentine day is famous for the red rose, they are also many others you might consider giving too. Scroll below to know what does each color of Rose actually mean.? The rose color guide of 2023 is a fun way to learn about botanical stuff as well.

Rose Day 2023 List

Red Rose


Red is a symbol of love and passion. Presenting a red rose to someone symbolizes your extreme commitment towards that person. The Rose day is thus the perfect occasion to offer someone a red rose. The red rose is the foremost color in the list of the rose color guide of 2023 .

Yellow Rose


The Yellow Rose symbolizes innocence and pure form of friendship. You can offer yellow rose to your friends and family or with whom you share the strongest bonds of joy and happiness. The Yellow rose does not in any way symbolize feelings of romance.

Black Rose


I really love the rose’s appeal, but unfortunately, the color of the rose gives a very gloomy feeling. The black rose indicates the death of the relationship, so you should probably avoid giving one.

Pink Rose

Grace, elegance, sweet and poetic romance

The pink rose is perfect to choose if your relationship is new, it symbolizes very gentle and sensitive emotions towards somebody you genuinely are in love with.

White Rose


You must have all witnessed the bride carrying white roses when walking down the aisle, the emotion induced from that of a white rose is purity and innocence.

Orange Rose


The orange rose symbolizes pride and passion. The orange color just like the sun has a very fiery color attached to it. The orange rose thus indicates passion.

Rose Color and Number Guide 2023

After talking about the color of roses, here comes the discussion about how many roses should one actually give to thy lover. The meaning of the the number of roses does have an important significance in a person’s life so if you are also confused about how many roses should you present to your lover on this Rose Day? Do not worry and scroll below to know the significance of the number of roses?

A single red rose meaning: One red rose indicates that you have fallen in love with the person at the first sight itself.

Two red roses meaning: Two red roses suggest that you both love each other mutually and equally.

Three Red Roses meaning: The number of roses stands for the three magical words and those are “I love you”.

Six Red roses meaning: A bunch of six roses signifies how much you want them to be yours.

Nine Roses meaning: The nine roses indicate the level of commitment you are willing to grant that person. It shows that your love is indeed eternal.

Ten Roses meaning: The 10 roses personifies that your love is beyond perfection. It is also suggestive of the fact that the person to you is actually ideal.

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