Online shopping has changed the way of our shopping style. Gone are the days when one has to travel to the market in massive traffic wandering from one shop to another in search of the desired item. If we were lucky, then we could get the item we want, but getting that thing in favorite color was another struggle. Online shopping has brought a revolution in buying culture, but along with that, it has some glitches too. Here we are the few advantages and disadvantages of Online Shopping.

Advantages of Online Shopping

1. It saves your travelling time, expenses, and fatigue

You don’t have to travel to the particular market to find the apparel or accessories. You are just a click away from your favorite pair of jeans or a colorful handbag. It saves your money on travelling; it saves you from a long walk from one end of the market to another, and it also saves the extra money you were going to spend on that high-calorie street food.

2. It provides you with a replacement guarantee

While shopping in the regular market, you must have come across the line ‘No Replacement, No Return’. Well, this is not the case with online shopping; almost all of the shopping platforms have a 15-day return policy. So, you can return a product if it doesn’t suit your need.

3. It offers a variety of clothing, accessories, footwear, etc. on a single website

One of the advantages of the online shopping is that you can find a variety of products on a single site, and you can receive the products in a single shipment. You don’t have to visit markets separately to buy different products.

4. The product is available at comparatively low prices

There are several discount offers and schemes remain available on shopping websites so that you can buy them at lesser prices than the retail market. They save their money on renting a showroom and salaries of sales executives and thus offer the share of that saving in the form of discounts to the customers.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

1. It doesn’t provide you a trial room and a tailor for alterations

One significant disadvantage of online shopping is the unavailability of a trial room. You can’t check the fitting of the dress at the time of shopping also you can’t avail tailor services for on-spot alterations.

2. You can’t check and judge the material used

Although the representative photo looks good, it could be a little different from what it seems. You can’t test the fabric and judge its quality. Though in the product description they write the name of the fabric used still the quality of the material remains doubtful.

3. You can’t bargain

One line that the entire bargain lovers miss while shopping online is ‘Bhaiyaa Theek Theek Lagaa Lo’. You can’t negotiate on a shopping website. Bargaining doesn’t save a treasure, but gives an inner satisfaction. We miss this feeling on Internet shopping sites.

4. You have to coordinate with the shipping guy

Ok! Now you have shopped, but that is not it, you have to wait for the shipping guy. After a long session of permutation and combination, you finally decide a time when you are available, and that’s a tricky task to achieve.

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