You obviously cannot reverse time to get that baby like face and eyes but can certainly put on efforts to reduce the maturing looks. The rule for achieving results from any kind of beauty ritual is to make it a habit to follow the guidelines . Below is a list of rules that I have curated for your eye care regimen. Scroll down to know more.


The first and foremost step is to always use an eye cream to damp and moist the under eye area so as to avoid any dry patches. Make sure you do not pop in the solution inside your eyes. One of the best moisturizers that you can opt for is Clinique Moisture Surge.

Quality is a priority

Always use good quality eye makeup products and never compromise on their endowment. Using street bought kajals and eyeliners can prove to be harmful for the eyes.

Potato to the rescue

As soon as you reach home today, fetch a couple of sweet potatoes and slice them into two halves and place each one on your eyes. The potato pads will reduce puffiness and are proven to lighten up dark circles.


The most conventional way to get rid of all the puffiness and tiredness that has accumulated in your eyes is to put on green tea bags over your eyelids before sleeping. This ritual will provide a soothing effect and will curtail the swelling.

Another savior

This regimen is tried and tested and will probably give you results slowly and steadily. Start by fetching yourself some cotton balls and soak it in cold milk. Dab the cotton ball on both your eyes for a good half an hour and get ready to encounter puff ridden eyes.


Take up a metallic spoon from your kitchen and just keep it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Thereafter, just put the back of the utensil on your eyes for a relaxing and calming effect. This is a perfect choice for people who are running short of time.

Use a primer

Almost all women forget to add up a base to their eyes before applying makeup. This is perhaps the best bet for those who are fighting against fine lines. Prime up your eyes with a good eye primer and then start applying your preferred makeup product.

Beauty from within

Keep on hydrating yourself by having a substantial amount of water in a day and also always have a healthy and balanced diet to gift yourself a youthful look for years and longer.

Some other things that you should keep in mind are!

Always remember to take off your contact lenses when not needed.

Do not read in dim light.

Exercise your eyes and try to lend them their own relaxation time.

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