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Raksha Bandhan falls on a weekend and that is oh so awesome for every brother and sister out there. The celebration of pure love and relationship is on the day. The Brothers have already been asked to reach their sister’s place at the time of the Shubh Mahurat. The time and date of Raksha Bandhan have been communicated well in advance and thus all the brothers are requested to reach their sissy’s place at stipulated time. Just before the Rakhi Date in India, stalls of Rakhi and return gifts for sister take over the market. The brothers who live either visit their sister or send Raksha Bandhan emotional images to their sisters on the festival.

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The festival brings in a level of optimism and the house is filled with happiness galore. People also throw Raksha Bandhan parties and dance on the evergreen Raksha Bandhan songs. You can find some of them right here. The Raksha Bandhan is a festival that knows no religious boundaries. Almost every woman in India celebrated the festival and tie Rakhis on their brother’s wrist to ensure their well being. Even outside India, there are many places where Rakshan Bandhan is celebrated with an immense amount of enthusiasm.

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The Raksha Bandhan is a festival of brothers and sisters and therefore each of them decides to give surprises to each other. Normally, it’s a brothers duty to make sure that their sister is happy but brothers deserve the same amount of diligence too. Thus, we have curated a list of ideas on how to surprise your brother this Rakhi.

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Book tickets to his favorite place

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If your brother is indeed a wanderlust then this might be a perfect idea for him. Vacation always make a person enthusiastic and giving him the already booked tickets and stuff would prove as a stress buster for him and he will be overwhelmed by this surprise of yours.

Blindfold him and take him to his dream hangout

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After tying Rakhi, just ask him to trust you and then just blindfold him. If you already know his favorite getaway then its fine but if you don’t just ensure it from somebody. Let the orchestra there sing for him a Raksha Bandhan song and there he will be crying with happiness. The lunch or dinner should be customized and the table should be filled with all his favorite things.

Surprise him with your visit if you live far away

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If you are living far away from your brother then make sure you visit him on the day of Raksha Bandhan. The surprise factor here is that you do not have to tell him about your visit. Do not forget to take for him a bunch of gifts.

Give him a long forgotten picture of you both

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Just scrutinize your cupboard and ask your momma if she has a picture of you both standing together from your childhood. Make sure your brother has not seen that before. Get it framed, write an emotional message and wrap it up to give on the day of Rakhi. The picture will send him to reminiscence.

Ride on his favorite luxurious car

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Boys love cars and bikes and thus it surely makes as a good surprise. It is very easy nowadays to rent your favorite luxurious car for a day or two. Book one for him and make him super happy with your gesture. He will love you for this.

His favorite candy or chocolates all over his room

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First things first, you should execute this surprise while he is not at home or while he is sleeping. Spread those all over his bed, on the desk and everywhere his eyes can go. He will be so happy when he wakes up and sights those.

Gift him a giant box filled with balloon

raksha bandhan date in india calender

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, just surprise him with this overwhelming small gesture of happiness he couldn’t have thought of. You can cover the box with leaves and grass so that he doesn’t come to know about it at first.

Make delicious maggi for him

Raksha Bandhan date in india 2021

Everyone loves the utterly delicious Maggi, isn’t it? Cool make one that is super delicious for him. Garnish it with his favorite toppings.

Boarding passes for his favorite movie

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Book him tickets for a movie and offer him a luxurious experience. Make sure the tickets are for the gold class experience.

Subscription of his favorite merchandise

raksha bandhan date in india

Give him the subscription of his the merchandise he likes the most. It can be a one month one or one year one.

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