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Is Reservation in India a boon or a bane?


Reservation is the virus that has got hold of the Indian Government, Constitution, and most importantly, its citizens. Be true to yourself, and ask your heart what thoughts come to your mind when you hear the word ‘reservation’. For all general category students,  a big “NO!!”, a frowning face, would be the immediate response. For others who enjoy the benefits of reservation, it varies.

First of all, Reservation system was included in the Constitution when it was being framed only as a clause, which would be removed once the downtrodden were uplifted. Initially, it was for ten years when the final draft of the Constitution was prepared. But our caring politicians saw a loophole in the clause and kept extending it for their own interests.

Today, the scenario is such that a sixty-per center is the boss and ninety-per centers are his employees. Not that I judge people on their percentage alone, but I believe that this should be a criteria for jobs and posts people hold in an institution.

I definitely don’t imply that reservation is 100% a bane for the society. Yes, it has helped our society; it has brought the downtrodden to a higher level. But it also has been misused by them. To elucidate, I would like to mention an instance from my life. Most of my batch mates were less diligent than me. While I was locked in my room and cramming down notes, few of them were roaming about, enjoying life!! The irony of my life is that today they are placed in better colleges than me.

Are we not taught that hard work gives equivalent results?? Or “sabra aur mehnat ka fal meeta hota hai!!” then what is wrong with our system? Why are hardworking people sitting at home while people boasting their reserved categories go to the top institutes??

I remember one of my juniors, Parnika Som, whose mother had once asked me, “beta iska naam parnika DOM karwa du?? Shayad acha college mil jaae” believe me, I was gob smacked when I heard her, and also  disappointed at the condition of general students in our country. The fact that some of them try getting fake certificates to get better colleges is a shame!

People should not be given seats in colleges on the basis of category they are from, but on the basis of work they have performed for getting admissions. That means, even the most backward student would get a good college if he works hard and the son of the highest sage would stay idle at home.

Also, as most of my friends, relatives, cousins, batch mates, teachers, (actually 90% of the people) I meet say that reservation should be provided to those who are financially weak. We all know that sons and daughters of highly privileged people, don’t need reservations. So lets all decide whether reservation is a boon or a bane for our society!!

So many questions and issues, where are the answers?

Need of the hour is to identify what will work out best in the present scenario and implement the same immediately. It is time we acknowledged the big and small issues facing education in India. The fact that India has achieved so much in technology, has brilliant scientists, educationists, entrepreneurs and academicians is our advantage.

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