Today, every country of the world is trying to be developed in every possible way. Every country whether it is a developed or developing, they both want to progress in a scientific way. They want to reach on the top of developments. But all countries know it better that whether the problem of poverty, or corruption cannot be removing the problem of illiteracy.

All our leaders and educators are trying to get over this problem but, find themselves unable to do so. And this all is happening due to our sick and insufficient education policies.

And when our policies fail, we curse to others like population is washing our efforts and corruption has eaten up our system etc..

In this context when we talk about education and its contemporary issues. We should first discuss that what challenges and issues do we have in contemporary world and before this we should discuss that what are the aim and objectives of our education and then we should search the reason of it. The first aim of our education was all round development of a child , but it is quite apparent that all round development is like a day dream because the current system is not developing even a single ability in the child.

Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi once said, “By education I mean all round drawing out of the best in child and man body, mind and spirit.”

Our national poet, great philosopher and follower of naturalistic approach of education somewhere wrote that, the highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

Here, a question rises do we follow the thoughts of our great educationist and leaders?

Today, when do we discuss about, the harmony of education with peace?

The main issues and challenges of contemporary Indian education are as follow. The fore most issue is the unsatisfaction of youth. Teachers are unable to satisfy the youth by their knowledge and methods of teaching their knowledge level and education system is not providing the satisfaction and due to this the youth stands against the teachers and system.

The second reason is discipline in schools and colleges. This reason is given of our so called leaders and social contractors. Who instigates the youth time to time for their own benefits.

Third can be the problem of unemployment. Some of our educators think that now this problem is an issue for education system but when a youth looks his or her brother or sister unemployed even after getting bachelor or post graduate degree , they are unemployed, this give the birth to a revolt.

As above we discuss a fact comes out which is our next issue. That is education is but not for knowledge our education guides students to get good marks not to get knowledge our teachers emphasis on the marks or how they will complete their syllabus not on providing new knowledge to students. Next should come the policy of state and central government about the education. Education is a subject on which state band central government both can make rules and regulation, in some matters state government says that it is the work of central government and central government says it is the work of state government and between these two authorities our education suffers. If we talk about the mass there is great unawareness about the education if some child emphasis on going to school and there are many unemployed person or a person who could not get any government job who say “hum ne teer mar liye jo tu marle ga.” These types of people should know that education is a way to get a job. But education is for knowledge and that should be our target.

Poverty can be next issue or a challenge to which our education system is facing. Nowadays the cost of getting education is very high so poor of our society find themselves lost in getting education.

Political unwillingness is also a great challenge for our education system. Politicians think that they got five years to fulfill their wishes. Matters of education are just kept in pending.

Casteism creates a wall between lower class and upper class. Once I was in another college there I saw a teacher taking fee from the students (you will say what is surprising in this in most of the schools teacher takes fee from the students). But when a student came to give fee, the teacher asked to put the amount on the table. That boy put the amount on the table and went. When I asked about the matter, the teacher replied I was busy in some other work so I could not take the amount in hand. But reality was different, that boy belonged to SC category and that was untouchable for the teacher… This happens in our schools and in colleges.

Dearness is another challenge for the education system. Fee of colleges and schools is rising day by day with public schools raising their fee structure in every session but the wages of laborer is not increasing at the same speed. So poor people find themselves unable in admitting their children in those schools. And government schools do not compete with the public schools or CBSE schools.

The next challenge is our corruption which has become the right of all government officers and whole system. In many schools it is found that the fund which was sending to the school disappeared on the way.

A story is enough to describe facts. Once a school principal demanded for funds for digging a well for students. Government accepted the grant for above. But the amount that reached the principal was less than what was given by government (eaten up mid way!). So he too ate up rest of the amount and took the transfer form that place. When the next principal came there he found that no well was dug in the school. He wrote an application to higher authorities that well is not providing the water and it needs money. You can easily understand the rest of the story. This is the problem; you will find this type of stories around yourself.

I don’t want to say much about this.

Privatization of education is great issue. Some learned people say that government officials take higher salaries but not work according to that. But in private institutes teachers remains in very critical conditions which is not good for the education system.
Next issue can be the issue of unawareness of teachers about the methods and techniques of teaching. Even they are not interested in these. Teaching is the profession in which a teacher needs to polish his /her knowledge day by day. And because it is the profession daily updating of methods and techniques is compulsory. I think this is the demand of the profession but our teachers are so rigid that they don’t want to change themselves.

Next can be according to me, the issue of character of teachers. Our teacher’s character is going downwards. A teacher is the only person who can change the direction of the society. He is the person who is the center point of any education system. This influences much our society than any other part of the society. This effects much our education than all the above points. But nowadays news in different form can be read in newspapers that a teacher kidnapped his /her students or a teacher raped his student. And due to this many students left their schooling on the mid way.

All these issues and challenges did not rise in a day they took a long period. If we look back in time, ancient time India was on the top in education and knowledge. This was the country in which students used to come from all over the world to acquire the knowledge and education. No country of the world was even near to it. Then what happened to our great country?

The story starts form the invaders first Muslim invaders who came to the country to loot it and tried to destroy the culture and knowledge of the country. After them came the British invaders. They left our country in the condition of a beggar gave us many things like poverty, corruption, injustice, unemployment and many other problems which are now standing up as a challenge for our education system.

And, now as we see in the society that the level of our social, moral, culture values and ideals are going downwards towards hell. We are acquiring western culture and social values which are totally different from ours. We believe in spiritual education and they believe in physical or worldly education. Then how can we develop our current education system because it provides us only the mob of unemployed youth??

Students do not want to go to study…. they try to get good marks by unfair means and teachers do not want to teach …..and they pay their total attention to coaching classes.

Private college owners sell the degrees and marks on high rates or bids. This happened due to the mentality of college owners because most of the college owners came in this field belong to the business families or people who had some useless land and little money to invest, they came in this sector due to high profit and not to serve the society, which is natural. Then how we can think that those people will serve the country and society, because such people think treats with school as a factory, principals/HOD as a managers and teachers as workers.

But at last I shall bind up with these lines that people who are in this field or who are the part of this holy course should think that this occupation is like that doctor’s job who gives light to the blind and this job is the part of that holy job of God because God made man but we make them civilized.

“So we should not cheat our duty because we do not cheat anyone we cheat ourselves.”

– Dinesh Kumar. Lecturer, MCAT EDUCATION MEERUT

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