While proposing to a woman, you should know exactly what to say and how to say it. Here are 6 creative ways to propose to a woman. Make sure that you what you say to her is from your heart, and well thought. Also get her favorite flowers. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a decision of a lifetime; so it has to be perfect.

Tip: Propose day, which is the second day of Valentine week, is the perfect day to propose to the girl you love.

How to Propose a Woman

Has the cupid’s arrow struck you too and you are extremely confused about how to impress your lady? Scroll down to know some great options on how to propose a woman.

1Bake Food for her

You first need to know about her food choices and this is only possible when you have the extra keys to her apartment with you. Let’s start, so you will need a bunch of rose petals, candles to decorate the table and of course the proposal ring. Bake her favorite dish at your home itself and decorate her dining table with candles. Make a rose petal way from the door to the dining hall. Open the door slowly to see that beautiful smile.

2 In the Club

Head out for a night out and dance till the beats drop, go straightaway to the DJ console and request the performing DJ to speak her name and play her favorite romantic song. Take the mic and propose her in front of the crowd.

3 In the movie hall

Take her to a movie date and behave very normally. Prepare a proposal video for her and ask the theatre manager to preview the video during the Interval itself. Let everybody know how much you love her.

Love is like a virus, it can happen to anybody at any time.

4 The Private Affair

Some people do not like to share their personal life with the world, no matter take her to a resort and just propose on the poolside. Make sure you also have a really awesome gift with you to cover up the homogeneity.

5 Build a sandcastle together

Go to the beach together and build a small sandcastle or anything which looks like a house. After then, put the ring on the top of the castle when she is not watching. Ask her to be the queen of your palace.

6 Go the pet away

If your partner has pets, then he or she might help you out. It will be an icing on the cake if you have a pet too. Just right the three magical words on a cardboard paper and tie it around the pet’s neck. She will probably be impressed with this cute effort. Make sure that the thread around the pet’s neck isn’t tight at all.

A true love story…

My friend, who did not want to be named explained how beautifully he proposed the love of his life. He took her on a trip to her favorite place and asked her to accompany him in a skydiving activity and there you go. He held her hand and proposed her for marriage high in the sky. Well, she was nervous and overwhelmed at the same time. She said yes and both had that instant glow on their faces when they finally reached the ground level.

This kind of proposal is marvelous but should only be taken into thought if your girl is willing to be a part of that kind of adventure. I mean some women are really adventurous and some of them do not like that kind of stuff. Do your brainstorming well in advance.

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