We are taught to eat right and healthy from our childhood itself but all of us tend to get tempted by those burgers and pizzas around us. Well, they taste amazing but take a toll on our health everytime we have them. The main reason we are attracted towards them is their color and fume. Haha, they just make us so high on food.

But hey, we are talking about health over here. Foods that are rich in nutrients are the ones that the body actually needs. Well, if you really want to be that diva of your pack and want some superstar attention towards yourself then you definitely need to follow some food restrictions and additions. If you want glowing skin and a healthy body always, then have these foods so as to achieve your goals.


The most common quality of Kiwi is that it is rich in Vitamin C and has a large number of antioxidants in store which help in increasing the body’s immunity towards fighting diseases. They help in reducing the pigmentation and wrinkles. It is alkaline in nature and reduces the effect of acidic foods that we eat.


The walnuts are a source of Omega 3 which is effective in providing the body with Vitamin E which eventually improvises the skin’s texture. The power of walnuts is such that they also control diabetes and inflammation.


Have you ever had blueberries? If yes, you will understand how sour they taste sometimes. But, they are rich in manganese and have collagen boosting properties. The blueberries are dark in color which means that they constitute anti-oxidants. They reduce the risk of heart disease.


The eggs are beautiful to look at as well as constitute an adequate amount of sulfur that increases the production of collagen in the body which is a much-needed source of tissue repair and cell protection to ensure skin’s elasticity. It is also a source of Keratin which is good for your hair.


I bet you must have heard about the fact that yogurt has a large number of good bacteria that is amazingly beneficial for your gut. But have you ever heard about the fact that yogurt is also good for your bone health as it has Vitamins B6 and B12 as well as calcium?


Remember how Popeye the Sailor Man used to binge on Spinach and become all-powerful in a jiffy. I am thankful to Popeye that he made me fall in love with Spinach in my childhood. Well, the green veggie is a storehouse of Beta Carotene which helps in fighting wrinkles and diseases.

Banana or Apple

We have always been a taught the fact that having an apple a day keeps a doctor away. True that! But did you know that banana is equally magical? Well, the banana fruit actually has the right amount of glucose needed for your brain to work.

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