Why does breakup hit guys later

A couple of years back, my dear friend had a very bad breakup. She invested four years into this relationship and was devastated after knowing that her better half did not care much. Actually, nobody had cheated in the relationship, the breakup was a result of too much of fights and doubts in between them. … Read more

Break up Recovery Stories

Break up- the most helpless situation where a person loses the control over himself is Heart-wrenching. What troubles the more is the excruciating pain which doesn’t seem to take a full stop. It gets difficult to cope up with things as your mind begins to get lost in the air. The Blues of Breakups are dismaying, … Read more

How to recover from a breakup

When going through hard times like this, most of us search for options on how to recover from the breakup quickly and why not we all want to get rid of the pain as soon as possible for us. The breakup recovery time is not very specific and depends on person to person. The hardest … Read more