In the hues of blues, what do you do? Vent you bottled up feelings by crying a river and missing that piece of your heart, who promised you of not leaving you in dismay. But that person is no more, not lying next to you, not cuddling you, stroking your hair and blowing kisses the way he did. You suffer pain, agony, and pathos of the aftermath of the “Break up”. It is a crucial part of everyone’s life. The label of break may be devastating and heart wrenching but at the end teaches you a lesson.

The post break up feeling is like getting shut in a dark box. You may feel you are kicked hard on your stomach and the world has begun to fall in the wrong direction. Embracing and Building yourself may be harder for resilience. But one has to get up and get going

Did you know that excruciating pain you are feeling has an adverse effect on you psychologically? You may not sense the tangibility of the problem but it is right there. The aftermath of Break may have Psychological effects on you without your consent.

The “Cravings” for Ex: Brain’s Activity

When one undergoes the phase of “Rejection” or “Abandoned” by their fellas, they began to sense a “Craving” for that person. They go out to places and get swirled in the loops of nostalgia, ruminating to think how they are feeling. The “Break up” phase hit as a trauma, dawned upon the victims of getting separated. According to research “men are more likely to distract” from the feelings of missing their loved ones, women on the other hand “may ruminate persistently about the ex-partner”. A study was conducted, mentions in “Psychology Today” on the ones who had experienced an “Unwanted break-up”, it was recorded that by looking at the photographs of their ex-mates, the activity on ”ventral tegmental area, the nucleus accumbens and orbitofrontal cortex ”and reported the seed of love persisting in them.

Heart wrenched Break: Affect on Heart

What if I tell you, your heart drenched in pain can cause a heart attack. Yes, it is true. According to the American Heart Association, The “Broken Heart Syndrome” also called “stress-induced cardiomyopathy” can strike you straight through your heart. Women can face the worst out of this situation. They can feel “intense pain” which can come as a reaction to “a surge stress hormones” that may be caused by experiencing an extremely stressful situation. It could be a death of the loved one, a divorce break up or separation.

A profound sense of loss

We all get swirled in the blues, losing the hold of our situation. When we face a rejection from our lover, there is a heap of loss sensed by the one who feels lonely. Love is an addiction but not merely in phrases.  A journal published in Neurophysiology, states how “Love is Addictive”, a study on the areas of the brain regarding the association of cocaine where they found that missing your pal can significantly activate parts of the brain “associated with the cocaine addiction” and longs for the next dose to crawl up.

Love hurts, diving in Addiction

When you are no more in touch with your partner, you tend to get entangled in the webs of nostalgia of what happened over the past, the incidents and the person. According to a study, if after your unwanted breakup, you rewind the cassettes of past by peeping to their pictures, posts, and Instagram, there is a slight chance for you are on the verge of being a drug addict. The brain associated with the areas of the Reward and motivation releases the “Dopamine”

Your love can be a drug too. Make sure you don’t get high on it! The effects can last for long and drench you with unhappiness.

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