The quality of our hair has started diminishing owing to the increasing levels of pollution and dust in the environment. Besides this, genetic factors, regular heating and less of taking care all prove to be major aspects.

Here are some steps that you should adhere to if you really love your hair.

No hot showers!

I know how problematic it is to wash your hair in the winters, leave alone opting for the ice cold water but we are sorry this is perhaps the major rule that you should follow blindly. Washing your hair with hot hair will extract all the moisture and leave your hair all dry and frizzy.

Less of Shampoo, please

You should never I repeat never wash your hair more than three times a week. Though washing them after every three days will get rid of dust and dirt that have accumulated in your mane. But dude, please try not to go to the extreme level.

Get rid of hair tight hairbands

We all know you love your colorful clips and headbands but please avoid stretching your hair into tight ponytails and stuff. Binding them this way will cause breakage and weakening of hair roots.

Try some masking

You can always go to a parlor and get your hair spa done but going the do it yourself way will save you from the harmful chemicals used in the salons. Take some banana, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel and blend the batter nicely. Now, with the help of a brush apply it all over your hair. Steam your hair with a towel dipped in hot water several times. Wash your hair after a couple of hairs and watch the difference.

Avoid too much of Creativity

I know it is the need of the hour to follow coloring your hair trends and all the heat up styling but try to avoid it all as much as you can. These all things really damage your hair from within.

Avoid using products with sulfates

Chemicals can prove to be hazardous for your hair health. Try and look for products which are organic and at least do not contain sulfate and parabens.

Important food products

Getting beautified from within is very important. Try and eat iron-rich foods and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

No product or process can work wonders for you if you are not punctual and regular enough. So try and make sure you follow all on daily basis.

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