The List Of Beaches in India are numerous and almost all of us search about lists of beaches when we are heading up for a vacation. According to me, Beaches are the most loved vacation places for youngsters. When we talk about the name of beaches, the most loved one is Goa of course. The city of Kerala is also one of the most visited for its beauty and marvelous beaches.

Some people are really concerned about Beaches in India with blue water which are unique and are photogenic as well. People are always keen to go on honeymoons in these kinds of places. Well, if you are extremely interested in blue waters of the sea then Marari Beach is the best option for you.

You can check the Names of Tropical and Best Beaches in India in the list below.

Kovalam Beach

top beaches in india

The Kovalam Beach is the best beach and is situated in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. It is located by the Arabian Sea. You can see a number of Palm backed beaches over here. The most loved Tourist attraction here is the lighthouse beach.

Radhanagar Beach

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This beach is situated in Havelock that is located in Andaman Nicobar Island. The beach makes for the best honeymoon destination. It is blessed with white sand and utterly blue water that makes the beach extremely beautiful to look at.

Colva Beach, South Goa

names of beaches in india

This Beach is situated in South of Goa and is known for its coconut trees. Did you know that this beach was earlier used by the high society people for their retreat during the colonial times? The best time to visit Colva Beach is during October and May.

Marari Beach

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This is the most beautiful beach I have ever heard of till now. Well, because it makes you look good and also the photos also look amazing because of the scenic beauty it provides. The beach is filled with white sands and blue waters.

Varkala Beach

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The Varkala beach is situated right beside a cliff which is a must see in Kerala. It is situated in South Kerala right at the borders of the Arabian Sea. The highlight of this beach is that it is sometimes decorated with lights and then it looks enchanting.

DhanushKodi Beach

list of top beaches in india

The Dhanushkodi Beach is situated right at the verge of Rameshwaram Island. The best part of your visit to the beach is that you can see two oceans it the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea literally meet.

Paradise Beach

names of beaches in india

The Paradise as it is termed just follows its name really seriously because it is situated at a secluded place from the mainland. It is located in Pondicherry and consists of golden like color sand and blue-grey waters. You can reach the beach by boat.

Tarkarli Beach

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The Tarkarli Beach is situated in the state of Maharashtra. You can enjoy a number of sports activities over here and enjoy the adventurous rides as well. The Golden Rock, Nivati Beach, Malvan Market, Rock Garden and Sindhudurg Fort are tourist attractions near the beach.

Mandarmani Beach

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This is a beach which is situated in West Bengal and the nearest Airport near the beach is that of Kolkata. People can reach here through a groper road that is at the back of the beach.

Azhimala Beach

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The Azhimala Beach is situated near Kovalam in Kerala. You can reach the beach through Kovalam. While you are standing at the cliff of the hill “ Mala” you can see the beach that is why it is called the Azhimala Beach.

Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

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The lighthouse beach is the best beach if you are interested in adventurous and the paranormal activities. The most important feature of the beach is a lighthouse only.

Gopalpur, Orissa

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The Gopalpur is a beach in the Southern part of Orissa. The Gopalpur Beach is known for its aqua sports and the extravagant Gopalpur Beach festival.

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

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This is the most amazing beach if you are a driving enthusiast. This travel is going to give you the best of time making some travel videos while sitting in the car. It is located parallel to Kannur and Thalassery highway.

Elephanta Beach, Havelock Island

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The Elephanta Beach is one of the beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Island. The beach is known for its crystal blue water.

Kaup Beach, Karnataka


The Kaup Beach is known for its waves running you. It is located in Padua, Karnataka.

Happy Beaching People!

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