The Kim Kardashian Beauty Tips are something that every girl in the world should know. Well, why not she is the beauty diva of the world as of right now. Knowing about Kim Kardashian Beauty Products gives you chance to take care of your skin just like she does. Every time, we are confused about what makeup does Kim Kardashian actually use, we resort to her Insta or Snapchat to get our answers? Umm, the Kim Kardashian Daily Routine is a thing that would actually sell for millions if it was to leak because she is a goddess for a number of people when it comes to beauty. All hail the kkw beauty. In 2017, Kim Kardashian Skin Care routine was quite a thing to talk about and in 2018, there has been another revelation by none other than Kim Kardashian herself.

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In her recent Instagram post, she posted a picture of herself opening a can of juice and captioned that picture asking people to google the benefits of pineapple juice. The post went viral from thereon and there everyone was posting and searching about the advantages of drinking pineapple juice. Want to know some more beauty secrets about her, well then head out down below to know more about it.

Kim swears on moisturizing her skin

In one of her interviews she confessed that she never forgets to moisturize her face. Even if she forgets her washing it, she makes it a point to use the moisturizing spray to make her skin feel more hydrated.

She suggests that one should opt for quality

According to Kim Kardashian, one should choose the quality of the product over quantity because it is very important for the skin. Choosing quality base will ensure that your skin does not age any faster.

She says that she is obsessed with essential oils


Though, we people do not use these essential oils much but in Kim’s world those are quite important. She says that she uses a combo of the best of the essential oils and body lotion every three days.

Regular head and face message is a must

Face Messages and Head Messages are something that will get you rid of stress which is most of the times responsible for the ageing of the skin. Hence, getting a massage every now and then will prove as a skin saviour.

She always uses a foaming cleanser

In an interview, she also explained that she loves to use a face wash that effectively foams the skin. She explains that foam is really important when you are washing your face.

Using cuticle oil is always important

She insists on using the best cuticle oil available in the market so as to keep the nails hydrated. She says that it is only when your nails are hydrated enough, the nail color looks more prettier.

Water is your skin’s dope

According to Kim Kardashian, drinking water is very important for your skin. Our body is made up of 60% water and that is why it is important to keep the percentage always intact. It helps the body to push out toxins and thus makes the skin clear.

No excuses when putting off makeup

Kim Kardashian’s inherits this tip from her mom and thus suggests everyone to wash off makeup and that too with a warm washcloth. She says that no matter whatsoever reason it maybe, do not ditch washing your face.

She suggests that your brows should be darker than your hair color

According to Kim Kardashian, the eyebrow color should not be the same as the hair color because that does not flatter your look as much as a little difference in color does.

You should always sunscreen

According to Kim Kardashian’s dermatologist, putting on a good sunscreen on the exposed areas of the skin proves very effective in the protection of the skin.

Anti ageing products are important

Kim Kardashian’s says that using anti ageing products are quite important when you are 20 as they protect you from skin spots, wrinkles and so many other things.

She is obsessed with workout

The workout is the best way to keep your body and skin healthy. Kim Kardashian is quite serious about exercising and she works out for about an hour and a half.

Over heating is bad for your hair

According to Kim Kardashian, putting on an hair mask once a week and not using heating products on your hair regularly is very important.

She suggests not washing your hair daily

If your want mane just as good looking as Kim Kardashian’s, then avoid washing your hair everyday. According to Kim, one should wash their hair after every two days.

She changes her skincare all the time

She says that she does not resort to just one type of skincare routine but keeps on changing them depending on what suits her the best.

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