Rose Water Benefits your skin and hair like no one else does. It is an age old tradition to let it sit on your hair and skin overnight and the benefits can be seen right in some days. The age old tradition on how to use rose water for fairness has been an age old tradition inherited from our grandma’s and moms. The Bulgarian rose water is also proven to even out the skin tone of your face which is actually something that you should regularly use. Our dear grand moms have always taught us to how to make rose water right at the comfort of your home.

The best use of the beautiful rose water is for the eyes and people actually use it for the cleaning purpose. A lot of facial creams and other cosmetics are filled in with rose ingredients to provide the person with the advantages of rose water. If you are really fan of the organic products then you can simply resort to make rose water at home.

Here are the simple steps to make rose water at home.

  • First of all, take some roses and gently cut of the bud from the stem. It is really awesome if those rose petals are from your garden because then they would be organic and free from chemicals and pesticides.
  • Pluck the petals and put them in water to wash the filth off.
  • After they are washed, put them all in a pan and heat them until they start giving off the color. Cover the pan for 15 minutes and let them be on lower flame.
  • Drain water from petals in a jar and let it cool off before using.

While some people love to use pure rose water on their face, some of them resort to the already acclaimed ones. We have also curated the list of the Top 10 Rose Water Brands available in India and you can scroll below to know about them.

Forest Essentials

benefits of rose water

The Forest Essentials Rose Water is the best in the market. Seriously this one is tried and tested. If you are looking for any kind of organic products, you can blindfoldedly resort to this brand. It will moisturise your face and instill life to your dull skin. The price of the product is Rs.350 for the smallest pack.

Fab India Rose Water

benefits of rose water for eyes

The Fab India products are quite well off in the market and their rose water is good to go as well. The scent of the roses is overwhelming. The price of the product is Rs.390.

Dabur Gulabari Rose Water

benefits of drinking rose water

The rose water is believed to be the best and an affordable product in the Indian market. This product is meant for all the skin types. It cools off the skin very effectively. It is priced at Rs.70 for small bottle. 

Kama Ayurveda Rose Water

rose water benefits for hair

Kama Ayurveda is a very well known brand. It cleanses all the filth that has accumalated on your skin. The 50ml spray bottle can be used at anytime of the day and is priced at Rs.250 on Amazon.

Khadi Natural Rose Water

rose water on face overnight

The Khadi is a trustable brand and provides handmade products made with herbal ingredients. The product is also antiseptic in nature. You can buy it for Rs. 110.

Patanjali Rose Water

benefits of rose water

Priced at a very reasonable amount of Rs.28, Patanjali promises the blessings of Ayurveda for everyone. It is claims to be free of any kind of side effects. It can be mixed with other products for a more effective skin ritual.

Natures Absolute Rose Water

benefits of rose water

Packed in a really beautiful pink package, the product is appealing to the eyes as well. It is priced at Rs.249. It makes the skin supple and makes the scalp free of itchiness.

Oriflame Rose Water

The Oriflame rose water is priced at Rs.149 and it can be trusted for its quality. The rose water comes in a spray bottle.

Soul Tree Rose Water

benefits of drinking rose water

The tonic mist is priced at Rs.395 and claims to be alcohol free. This mist consists of both rose water and aloe vera gel. The mist helps in unclogging and tightening of the pores.

VLCC Rose Water

benefits of rose water

Priced at Rs.98, the VLCC rose water is about 75ml in quantity. It is very light on the skin and has a very good scent.

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