Ladies Footwear? Seems like a very wide term. The types of ladies footwear that we see in the market have varied terms. The footwear have more variations that any other object in the market, yes that is something that is exclusive to the ladies footwear. There are different types of heels, different types of shoes and an entirely different set of flat sandals. All of this can be classified into various categories.

You must have always got confused whenever you step inside a footwear shop with the different types of ladies footwear everywhere around you. There is someone I know who whenever goes for shoe shopping brings a bunch of sandals and heels of all different types. Its like she goes for shoe shopping and gets heels and flat sandals instead of them. Well. ladies footwear is very appealing. Every lady in this universe wants to wear different kinds of footwear everyday. No on really wants to repeat their stuff and that is why the demand of types of ladies footwear is so high.

Head onto to know the types of ladies footwear along with their names.


types of ladies footwear with names

Heels are one of the most preferred types of footwear among ladies. One of the major element that is taken account is the feminine side it adds to your whole look. So, what are heels? They are shoes that are higher than the ground thus raising the height of the person wearing them. There are end number of types of heels and we will talk about them later on, till then scroll below to know the names of all of them.

  • Kitten Heels
  • Platform Heels
  • Stilletoes
  • Cone Heels
  • Wedge Heels
  • Pumps
  • Spool Heels
  • French Heels
  • Comma Heels


types of ladies shoes with pictures

Shoes are the basic entity in the footwear fraternity, the shoes can be defined as a type of footwear that cover all of the feet with a protective layer but do not reach above the ankle. The shoes for ladies have heels sometimes. These also have categories that are listed below.

  • Sports Shoe
  • Boots
  • High Tops
  • Sneakers
  • Basketball shoes
  • Golf Shoes
  • Skater Shoes
  • Climber Shoes


types of ladies footwear with names and pictures

Sandals can be defined as the type of footwear which are open from the front and usually have straps to hold the foot. The sandals can be heeled as well flat ones. Sandals are usually more comfortable as compared to the others. Below is the list of the different types of sandals.

  • Flat Sandals
  • Heel Sandals
  • Gladiator Sandals
  • Wedge Sandals
  • Strappy Sandals

Flip Flops

types of ladies footwear with names and pictures

Flip Flops are something that everyone owns, the flip flops are usually worn if you have to walk because they are extremely comfortable to the feet. There is no exact definition of a flip flop because they are different types of flip flops as well. They can have straps at the back or in the front.


types of ladies footwear with names and pictures

Slippers are exclusively meant for wearing indoors because they are extremely casual and comfortable to the feet unlike other types of footwear. Slippers are also available in different kinds for ladies.

  • Fur Slippers
  • Rubber Slippers
  • Fabric Slippers
  • Plastic Slippers
  • Woolen Slippers


Jutis have originated from the Northern India, from Punjab in India. They look like ballerinas or bellies which have embroided fabric and embellished gems and stones sometimes. Jutis are mostly worn with traditional outfits India, but now it has gained importance around the world too.

  • Slip On Jutis
  • Punjabi Jutis
  • Jodhpuri Jutis
  • Embroided Jutis

Belly Shoes

types of ladies footwear with names

Belly shoes are footwear that are protective to to the feet, they create a cover around the feet. The belly shoes were originally made for the ballerinas. Those belly shoes were also  accompanied by high heels. The different types of belly shoes are listed below.

  • Ballerinas
  • Transparent
  • Fabric
  • Strappy


types of ladies footwear with names and pictures

These types of ladies footwear is the most in right now, because of its comfortable nature and the oomph it adds to the whole look. The slides became widely famous after the Nike and Adidas variants.


types of ladies footwear with names and pictures

Espadrilles are also worn by ladies at various occasions, they are available as flats, platforms and heel variants also.


types of ladies footwear with names and pictures

Mojaris are also worn by ladies with traditional outfits. These type of footwear have an historical significance attached to them as they are related to the Mughal Empire.

History of Footwear Timeline

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