Personally, I just love wearing heels in fact whenever I head out for shoe shopping, there is always a pair or two in my bag when I return. It is very important to know the variations in types of heels before choosing one. Although, there is no hard and fast rule to know which one to go for. Nonetheless, there is always a way to find out which would suit you the best.

Here is a list of the different kinds of heels available for you.



This one is the most widely accepted range of heels available for you. They have the thinnest and the longest you can go with the length. These are a personal favorite and go amazingly with an ankle length jean and above the knee dresses.


A couple of days back, I spotted a beautiful pair of Mules at Aldo and eventually, I became a fan of them. They usually have a platform heel to them and are comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.

 Open toe heels

They look really sexy in black and mostly go with whatever you wear. I would recommend each one of you to buy a pair of open toe heel to rock the party.


Okay, so these pairs are quite apt for day outs and evening walks. They have a more open back and a wide kind of heels to them. To understand better, you can apply a rule of physics over here and that is” the more the area, the lesser is the pressure”.

 Espadrille heels

The unique selling point of these kinds of heels is that they have a really cottony fabric on the upper side. These will give total comfort to your feet from the toe fingers.

 Gladiator heels

These look really sexy when teamed up with a cowboy skirt or shorts. Though, Gladiators can be unmanageable sometimes owing to the fact that they have so many knots to tie up. They are great for clubwear as well.

 Peep toe heels

As the name says it, the pair gives a slight peep from the front into your feet world. The key to dash up your look completely is to always wear a nail paint with them.

 Cone heels

Have you ever had an ice cream with a cone? Of Course, all of you have had it. Surprise! The cones reach out to the feet now. These heels can hurt if you have a really long distance to cover.

Cut out heels

These are much similar to the peep toes but vary slightly as the cut out from the front is quite wider and the whole of the fingers is revealed. These look really pretty with denim jeans and shorts. These kinds of heels can be found very easily as well.

The French heels

These heels are quite hard to find but look really unique and beautiful as well. They are actually curved from the back and look really pretty with any kind of attire.

“ It’s hard not to be sexy in a pair of high heels”.

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