“ Be it skinny or tight, Here’s what is going to take you on a flight”.

The high ankle is probably what I wear, make sure you save it from any kind of tear”.

Dash up your look with a curvy, It is definitely going to hit your crush’s nerve”.

Kashika Pathak

From kids, youth and even the old aged, everybody loves wearing jeans. You never even regret buying heaps of jeans as they are extremely useful and have a long long life. We are all blessed with different kinds of each of them so let us classify them into types so that you never feel confused.


This is perhaps the most loved and trending type since the last couple of years. They look absolutely dapper with a crop top or a simple T-shirt. You can basically wear them with any kind of upper wear you wish to.

High waist jeans


This style has made a comeback recently, as it was a hep in the 90’s. Worn with crop tops or tops that can be tucked in also work well. It might as well work out with hot bralette kind of tops. If you are not very comfortable, you can also wear a black slip underneath your top to conceal your tummy.

Mid Waist

This is the most acceptable and comfortable type of jeans. Wear it with any kind of tops, spaghetti, and slips and you won’t regret. It is very easy to handle and will you save you from the pain of getting your tummy waxed.HAHA.!




I am not really a fan of this kind of jean as they are very tight and sometimes make up a camel toe if not worn the right away. You can pair up your jeggings with any top or a baggy sweater to go with.

Boyfriend Jeans

This name absolutely does not suggest wearing your boyfriend’s jeans. It has been given this name because they are relaxed and baggy just they way if you were to wear your better half’s jeans which could be anyway big in size for you. Wear them with a top tucked in or a very beautiful crop top.

Coming to which kind of jeans should you opt for!

If you are more on the chubbier side, never go for jeggings in your life. Mid-rise jeans are a perfect choice for you.

Skinny people should not go for jeggings as well as they could make them look thinner.

High waist jeans would go best for people who are on the curvy side.

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