valentines day ideas for couples

Valentine Day Ideas For Couples can range from romantic to casual. If you are confused about it, then you can check the unique and simple Valentine Day Ideas from the list below. This list also consists of Valentine Day date ideas for teenage couples. Well, if this is your first Valentine, then you gotta have some Romantic Valentine Day Ideas for him or her.  Check out the whole list below

Valentine’s Day ideas for couples is perhaps the most searched question in the world right now. Lovers around the world, young or old, celebrate the day in different ways. I understand you might be confused on how to plan the day to make it really special for your beloved.

Let me help you out a bit by suggesting 26 really thoughtful and romantic ideas to celebrate the Valentine’s Day as a couple.

If you are single on Valentines Day, you can check these Single on Valentines Day Quotes to set as your status.

You are happy when in love. This happiness cannot be replaced by any treasure in this world.

Romantic Valentine Day Ideas for Couples

  • Get up a little earlier than your significant other and prepare breakfast.
  • Then go out for a movie date after that.
  • You can also head out for a long drive or have a shopping spree together.
  • Take your beau for a spa session thereafter.
  • At home, decorate the floor from the front door towards the bedroom with rose petals.
  • Surprise her or him by driving to the resort. You can swim, play and click lots of pictures together.
  • End the day with a romantic dance and a candlelight dinner date.

You can check out the ideas on How to celebrate Valentines Day with Yourself as well. If not the whole routine, then you can do one of these things listed below.

Go for a spa day

We all know how stressed up our lives have become and besides that, we have become prone to all those aches and pains too. Let your partner know that you care for them by arranging for a good relaxation date for both of you.

Chill With A Television Series Marathon

If your beau is a fan of any TV series, then this is avery good idea. Nothing can beat the idea of having a pajama date at home. Binge on some beer and a bowl full of nachos and enjoy the low key Valentine in the comfort of your home.

Get An Adrenaline Rush With An Adventurous Outing

If you and your significant other have that adrenaline rush, then this might be the perfect outing for both of you. Be childish again and plan a trip to some adventure park. Have rides, play games and revive your happiness.

Have a mani-pedi session

This might be entirely new to a man but please insist him on having a time of his life. Both of you can head to your favourite salon for a quick session of the makeover as well as manicure and pedicure for both of you.

Head out for the weekend

Owing to our busy schedules, we cannot always head out for a long vacation! But we can always surprise and energize our beloved by having a weekend outing plan. Get in touch a travel planner and pack your bags for a fun time of your life.

Dining out at their favourite restaurant

This might not sound very innovative for you but as they say old is gold. Take him or her out for a dinner at their favorite place. You can add up a personalized feel to the dinner date by adding up a dish just after their name. You will first have to talk to the manager about this stuff.

Go for a long drive

Pack some food and head onto a long drive. Volume up you’re favorite romantic or dance numbers and have the most pleasant time of your life and do not forget to tie up your seat belts fellas.

Go for a swim

According to me, this idea would also help you guys to workout together. Play volleyball, swim together, have food and drinks and make the most out of the beautiful blue water.

Book A Resort For Some Alone Time

If you cannot head out for the weekend outside your city then book a suite in any of your nearby resorts. Just make sure the hotel has proper amenities and a swimming pool is duly a must. You can also ask the hotel staff to get your suite decorated according to the Valentine theme.

Have a day out with pets

You may already know about your partner’s love towards his or her favorite animal. For instance, if your beau happens to be a dog lover then you can take him or her to the nearby kennel so as to pamper the dogs. Just try and find out what stimulates their happiness the most.

Bonus Ideas!!!

  1. Print all your lovely pictures together and create a picture montage.
  2. Sing their favourite song. Rule number 1 of being the best lover is to know your beloved’s favorite song; and sing it.
  3. Have a movie marathon. Watch the movies that you both enjoy. Decide the movies and have them ready to play out. Make arrangements for food and wine you can have together while enjoying the movies.
  4. Play love scrabble. The rules of love scrabble are simple. You play scrabble but can only make words of love.
  5. Play hide and seek
  6. Cook together
  7. Dance on your favorite romantic songs
  8. Decorate the path from the front door to the bedroom with rose petals
  9. Get a makeover together
  10. Pamper each other by doing each other’s work
  11. Buy him/ her favourite superhero merchandise
  12. Book tickets for their favourite singer’s concert
  13. Book tickets for their favourite holiday spot
  14. Plan a treasure for the Valentine gift
  15. Do everything like you did when you first met each other.

Tis the season of love!

Love is actually highly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker.

When in love, you just want to do every possible thing to make your loved one’s life awesome.

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul, that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what each and every couple hopes to give each other. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the love birds.


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