Rose Day

The Valentine week is about to start and Rose Day mark the beginning of this week. Every year, Rose Day is celebrated on the 7th day of February with a lot of enthusiasm.

Rose in itself is a symbol of love, passion, and affection. People celebrate this day by giving a rose to their partner or person they have a crush on as an expression of their love.

Rose comes in different colors, and each color signifies different connotation. Further, we will discuss the right meaning of each color of the rose so that people could gift them accordingly.

Do you know which rose to gift your girlfriend?

Don’t worry. We got your back. These are all the roses you can get for youe loved one. In fact you should.

1Red Rose

Red Rose universally represents true love and romance. There is no gesture more romantic than gifting a red rose to your beloved. It is also known as lover’s rose. People convey their romantic feelings and emotions to the loved ones by giving a red rose. It is the best expression for “I Love You” in the whole world. A bunch of 12 red roses is the most popular way to convey “Be Mine” to your lover.

2Pink Rose

Pink Rose signifies love, gratitude, admiration, and appreciation. They can be used on various occasions for different purposes. With a thank you note, for cheering up a friend, admiring someone for their achievements or as an expression of admiration, pink roses is all you need to convey these sentiments. Pink rose indicates an affection that could later blossom and turn into deep love.

3White Rose

White Rose represents purity, innocence, sympathy and spirituality. They are associated to honor someone for the new beginnings like marriages or anniversaries and as a gesture of remembrance to the loved ones. The simplicity and grace of a white rose are the best way to show your love and support to others. White Rose is also a symbol of peace so in the past, if you had a bitter relationship with someone offering this rose can end the hatred and enmity and become the start of a new and healthy relationship.

4Yellow Rose

Yellow Roses are traditional symbols of friendship, joy and good health. The bright color, yellow warms up the aura by its presence and can easily light up the mood of anyone. Sending someone a bouquet of yellow roses is the perfect way to convey how grateful you are to them for being an important part of your life and wishing them the pink of health.

5Orange Rose

Orange Roses are an epitome of enthusiasm, desire, and passion. It is considered to have the combined effects of both red and yellow rose. It symbolizes that you are ready to take your friendship with someone to the next level of relationship. A bouquet of orange roses is the best way to show your passion and gratitude with sophistication.

If have you a special feeling in your heart for someone, then don’t miss the opportunity of expressing your affection this rose day. Depending on the type of relationship you want to develop with someone, select the rose accordingly and let it convey your heartfelt emotions.

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