First of all, Happy chocolate to all of you, may you get your favorite chocolates all through your life. Well, do you know that chocolates are one thing that is sure to uplift your mood? Do you remember how we would be so excited about getting chocolates from America or abroad when someone from our family would visit us? In our times, Toblerone was the ongoing trend but seriously I did not like it that much, my all time favorite is Ferrero Rocher without any doubt. No matter if it is a high-end chocolate brand or a low one, we love it all. Also, if you are looking for Happy chocolate day images and wishes, then you can check out here. 

So, do you feel hungry just by the thought of it? Are you craving a Toblerone or a Ferrero Rocher now? Are you also confused which to buy if you live in America or are returning from a vacation from there?  Do not worry because we are here to sort things for you. Here is a list of the 6 best chocolates in America.

” Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain”


The snicker chocolate which is also a great brand name in India is one of the best chocolates from America. They were previously known as the Marathon and are actually manufactured by the company called “ Mars”. It has a very crunchy feeling as it is filled with lots of nuts and caramel. The peanuts in them are the major unique selling point.

Hershey’s chocolate bar

Do not get confused by the name and no we are not talking about the Hershey’s syrup. The company is the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world and they have a lot of variants. Our favorite from the lot is the milk chocolate bar which is actually infused with real almonds.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Here is another wonder from the Hershey’s kitty which is marvelous in taste and appeal. The package includes of 2 peanut butter infused cups perfect for anybody who is a gym-a-holic. You can choose between the dark, milk or white chocolate.

The 3 Musketeers chocolate bar

It is a product of the company Mars and perfect for anyone who is a Nougat lover. The chocolate is offered in three flavors mainly which are strawberry, Vanilla, and chocolate. Contemporarily the flavor list now includes Mint, Truffle, and other amazing options too.


Almost every person’s first love from the childhood, The M&M’s are totally worth it. It is made up of peanuts which are coated in milk chocolate. They look like colorful buttons and we thus cannot resist ourselves from having them. The other variants include dark, caramel, Peanut butter and so on.


Do you like having Cookies? If you do then you will surely love this one. The Twix bar is a product of Mars company. It offers like 10 plus flavors and you are surely going to taste each one of them. The name is derived from twin biscuits.


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