Kiss day falls on the 13th of February and just one day before the Valentine day. Kiss day is actually celebrated because it allows you to express your inner feelings to your loved ones. Kisses actually seal what the hearts feel that is why it called as an amazing feeling. If you both stay really near to each other’s place it is definitely good to go but if you do not you can send them some great kiss day quotes so that they feel your presence over there.

Well, there are various types of kisses too that you might want to consider too. Glide on to the next para to know about the significance of these kisses.

The Forehead kiss

The forehead kiss symbolizes that you actually adore that person. It is a high form of showing affection and respect towards that person. It indicates that you never want the person to get hurt.

The Cheek Kiss

People rarely kiss someone whom they do not have strong emotional connections with and if they do it certainly means that they have something special in their heart for you. It usually means that the person supports you and is affectionate towards you.

The kiss on the hands

Have you seen people kissing the hands of their elder’s in Turkey? Well, if you have not, this is a beautiful custom of the Turkish people where this gesture implies a sign of respect. I am sure you too respect your partner and will plant a kiss on their hands. It also indicates that you trust the person immensely.

The Butterfly Kiss

Sounds cute, isn’t it? This kiss is just a gentle expression of love and care towards each other. The butterfly kiss is done by caressing your eyelashes with the other person’s skin. It feels like you have been kissed by the soft wings of the butterfly.

Kiss of an angel

“The kiss of an angel”, indicates that I am with you throughout your thicks and thins. It is usually done by kissing on the eyelids of the particular person. It is not an intimate kiss actually and can be done by a mother to a child too.

The French kiss

It is an intimate kiss reserved for every couple who loves each other immensely. It is done passionately with the use of your tongue.

The sugar Kiss

The sugar kiss is a soft peck on the lips given by couples to each other. It is just a quicker version of the lip to lip kiss that can be done in the mornings when you are getting late for work.
Scroll below to know some more kinds of kisses and their types.

# Lizard Kiss: Intimate
# Earlobe kiss: Intimate
# Hickey: Very intimate
# Jawline kiss: Moderately intimate
# Eskimo Kiss: Moderately intimate
# Lingering Kiss: Moderately intimate
# Vampire kiss: Very Intimate
# Lip Gloss kiss: Intimate

Want to thrill your beau right in the morning of Kiss day, cool here are some quotes to help you out.

Happy Kiss day quotes for boyfriend and kiss day quotes for girlfriend.

” How I wish, I was there to kiss you good morning, but since I am not this message will have to do it instead. Mu aah!”

” Your hugs and kisses are like the stars, they light up my life when things get dark, Happy Kiss day.”

” A friend is always good to have but a lover’s kiss is better than angels raining down on me, Happy Kiss day.”

” One day I am going to wake up, roll over on my side, and kiss the love of my life good morning.”

” Kiss is the first language of love that we understand.”

” Kissing is the means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other.”

” He kissed her cheek, and then she knew that you could become homesick for people too.”

“Kiss is the first step to show how much I love you, How much I think about you, How much I miss you, And show that I trust you.”

“A kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving. Happy Kiss Day!

” A kiss is the rose dot over the eye of loving.”

“A kiss without a hug is a flower without fragrance.”

” Happiness is like a kiss, you must share to enjoy it.”

” It’s a kiss day dear, the day to keep a mark on how clearly I love you, Happy Kiss day.”

” One day you will kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your day.”

” Kisses are sweeter than wine.”

” A kiss can beautify souls, hearts and thoughts.”

” Your kiss beats every sweet thing that is found on earth.”

” One kiss on the forehead is much sweeter than a thousand kiss on the lips, no lust but full of love and respect.”

” Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss or dream. Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart.”

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