Do you remember how some people use to mug up their study material and score high marks? And we used always to think of ways to score higher than them. Although some people use to read all the material and come still they were not able to get the essence out of it. The effective reading process is quite easy to go with and if done rightly, you can surely achieve the goals.

The effective reading strategies are very important for college students as well as for the school students and thus today we will talk about the types of effective reading as well as the importance of it. I know someone who is in the habit of reading books and getting the point of it. Ask her anything about the book and she is there with the answers on her tip. Really, she is one person who picks up things quite effectively.

Let us now know how we can go on with an effective reading process and learn how to read books in an efficient manner.

Highlighting the important things

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This is one of the oldest ways to learn and keep track of the important points. People have been following this rule for many years and why not it is really efficient too. It is a sure fire way to not forget things that are relevant to the text.

Breaking up the Paragraphs

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If you come across a very long text which scares your heart away even before reading it up then it is possible that you leave it and move on. Well, this is not a good thing because you could miss a very critical portion of your novel or your book. Thus, a possible way to do it is to break the paras into segments and pointers and that too in simpler words so that  it becomes easy for you.

Make up some unusual words from the pointers

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If you are having trouble in remembering all the points then you can make an unusual word out of the initials of every pointer. It will help you remember the pointers and that too line wise. I mean how cool is that. For instance, if your pointer’s first words are Go, Write, Save and Send then it will be GWSS.

You can make out questions

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Read one paragraph and make a question about it so that you remember how and why and all the reasoning required to remember the paragraph’s core aspect. For instance, if the paragraph talks about how the human dynasty evolved then you can make up a question about reasons of human evolution. I mean just try and make subtitles so as to commemorate where is what.

Make out some notes

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This is little tough but making notes is going to help you a heck lot. First of all, read the write-up and keep a track of everything that you feel is important and relevant. Just highlight everything that is necessary and then jot it down in a notebook simultaneously.

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