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While on a shopping spree, the first thought that comes to my mind for inspiration is an insight to Rachel Green’s wardrobe from Friends. I am totally a die hard fan of hers. Now let’s talk about what she wore on her first date with Ross. Seen wearing black color coordinates with nicely done hair and a subtle lip color, she looked so captivating and angelic.

Your first date can put you off a little if the choice of your attire is not right. There are several things to keep in mind before nodding up to the salesman in an affirmative decision and they are:

Choose according to the occasion

If you are heading towards watching a movie, wear something casual like a white tee and blue denim shorts or ripped pants beneath. You can team up the look with Louis Vuitton sneakers in baby pink or white.

If it happens to be a dinner date in a posh restaurant, a classic little black dress paired up with neon pink stilettos will do wonders for the night.

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For bike rides and drives, you can wear black denim and black leather jacket. I personally love the all black look paired up with nice sneakers or boots. Red shoes will look absolutely bang on as well if you are planning to nail blue denim with that jacket.

Being comfortable is the key

Never go for a style, no matter how much trending it is if you do not feel comfortable in it. Imagine making weird faces or a dress malfunction in front of the of your beau.Totally embarrassing isn’t it.

Make sure wardrobe is clean and ironed

Buddy ! it never hurts to get a quick review of your outfit’s cleanliness . Also make sure it is not wrinkled or trampled.

Fitting is important

Make it a point that whatever you wear should you fit you perfectly. No baggy or lousy outfit is commendable on your first date.

Don’t wear too much jewelry

Too much bling is not at all praisable.

Now let’s look upon some laudable ideas for the first date outfit

You can wear blue chinos with a cut sleeve white top paired up with studded flats. They are really comfortable.

Pairing up a black or white midriff top with the same color a line skirt or tightly fitted jegging is a good option as well.

A green turtle neck top with checked bottoms is a bang on an idea for casual day outs.

Any color preferably striped maxi dress has a romantic feel to it. you can try them on as well.

A black cape top with a well fitted black leather pants is in vogue this season.

A black sleeveless towel fabric top teamed up with black flower printed skirt is awesome as hell.

Black or blue denim dungaree are also great things to go with.

Pastel color dresses

Last but not the least I really love pastel color dresses, you can try on a very light green pastel one piece or a beige one for the ultimate trend setting look of yours.


Girls our makeup holds a lot of importance in our lives too, never go for a date with a sleepy or tired from work gaze. I would recommend MAC, ESTEE LAUDER OR BOBBI BROWN as affordable and trust able   brands to choose from. Never use too much of cologne or perfume as it can make the other person sneeze or uncomfortable and make you seem like you have bathed in a perfume pool.

They key to nail any look is to look confident in what you are wearing and to carry a delightful smile on your face is a cherry on the cake.

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