I am an ardent fan of blings in life, no matter where I go, be it wardrobe shopping, shoe mall or for accessories, the moment I spot something blingy! I fall down on my knees and come back home with all the glitters in my shopping bag. The key to style a sequin is to keep things subtle in a manner, they don’t look awful.

Have ever seen the ace model Beyonce in a sequin? Trust me guys, she looks uber hot and sexy in a blue sequin dress. She has worn a blingy dress a number of times and has swept off everybody by their feet. The thing she follows is a rule of balancing out things in a decent way.

Okay, so let us open up the rule book and have a look on all the essentials as well as non- essentials.

Making up to the color combinations

You should never, I repeat you should never wear different colors with a sequin attire. For instance, wearing a dark green color glitter jacket with a black color bling dress would be drastic and not at all good for the eyes. So, try always pairing the same color with a glittery dress.

Minimal Jewellery

Though it is very important to flaunt that diamond necklace you just have bought from the new jewelry shop, Lady! have some patience and do not try anything with a blingy dress anytime in your life. The reason for such restriction is the saying that everything in extremes is bad for health.

No blingy – blingy shoes, please

We are more than excited to wear those bridal heels whenever we get a chance but the rule to footwear when it comes to a sequin is “ it needs to be really subtle”. Pairing up golden glitter pumps with a gold sequin dress is a huge disaster girl, I would recommend to never attempt one. You can always wear shoes or heels that are subdued and fall in the same color family with your attire. For eg. You can wear a black bling dress with a black or nude heel.

Pair up with casuals


Trust me on this guys, a sequin jacket looks extremely sexy with a ripped jean. Wearing it with anything casual is always approved and praised. The other option for you is to wear a black ruffled jean with a white pearl sequin top to look all fairy like.

Color your soul

Never go over on your makeup and do a smokey eye with a sequin dress. Just wear a neutral lip color for the lips, it can be a lip gloss for sure. You can try out brown and very light shades of pink for the eyeshadow.

Make sure you are not playing with lots and lots of hair accessories as well.

“ Bring the bling to life”.

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