We all remember the scene of Legally Blonde, where Elle refuses to go with her ex but when he tells her that she’s going to ruin her shoes that way, she agrees. After all, it’s The Shoes. The only certainty about a woman’s uncertainties is her love for shoes. I really cannot stop thinking about a pink Mary Jane stilettos that I saw one day, and to my dismay I didn’t find any other shoes like that. Some say it’s obsession, but I feel it’s a mandatory part of any woman. Different shoes make us feel different, heels make us feel stronger and glamorous while sneakers make us feel comfortable and sporty. I myself have such a deep love for shoes, that I never feel satisfied with what I have.

Shoes or any shopping boosts our feel good hormone

Research has proved that shopping is a stress buster to many women, including me. I think it instantly cheers me up. The psychological reason could be that when we get new things, we instantly create space for new things and feelings in our lives, breaking the old patterns, and we, women, the creatures who overthink and hold things a lot, anything new is just a blessing. And, whenever we feel down, looking at our pretty shoes makes us instantly feel prettier. We all are addicted to things that take our stress away, providing us a relief of temporary high.

Change in mind set and personality

Well, I’ll elaborate this with an example. I used to be a tomboy, rugged feet and dirty shoes most of the time. When I painted my nails for the first time, I was behaving to ensure that it doesn’t get smudged or withered. I think it instantly changed my behaviour and personality, yes maybe temporarily. Same happens when I wear heels, I feel stronger and my walk instantly changes. With comfortable shoes, I can’t stop running and jumping at every second down stairs. Maybe, because of these little changes, we can never have enough of our little collection. I always used to keep running all the time, with teachers sending me out of the class and only allowing me to enter if I walk to my seat. Going to heels automatically altered that behavior, now I do run but not all the time and especially never on stairs.

The magnitude of variety present in the market

Well there’s so many colours and even more types. One for each occasion and mood, one in neutrals, one in our favourite colour, one in our favourite embroidery, one for the denims, one for the long skirt and so on. When there’s so much present to what you love, you can never ever have enough. Right?

Looking good makes us feel confident

When we look good, we automatically feel confident. On the bad days, I make sure that I put extra efforts on dressing myself well as the attention I get from people turning again and again to look at me feeds my ego well. It’s not that I crave attention, but the days when you’re at war with yourself and maybe others, this attention just pampers your self-confidence. And above all, when I look at myself in the mirror, I know that I can’t waste my best shoes on trampling misfortune and being unfortunate.

Heels make us feel powerful

High heels and red lips are always in trend for a reason. Not only they make you look impeccable and smart, they also elevate your confidence level. It works good on me, on the bad days there is always lipstick and high heels. We have since ages, associated height with power and the moment we feel elevated, we feel stronger. I personally believe that it’s not just the sense of elevation, but also of achievement. No matter what anyone says, wearing heels is challenging and carrying your day to day activities in it is even more challenging. The feeling of success that our sub conscious gets with mastering it strengthens our confidence.

Change in posture

When any woman wears heels, her body shape automatically alters, lifting her butt and arching her back, providing a perfect hourglass image. When you look sexy, you feel sexy and when you feel sexy, there’s nothing holding you back. It instantly changes your mindset and the way you carry yourself. Having the innocuously attractive posture is half battle won. In psychology classes, we put much emphasis on the effect of correct posture on our mindset. You need to take it until you make it and one day, it just becomes a part of your personality.

A hobby

While some love to collect watches or stickers, some love to collect shoes. It’s just their personal preference and perspective.

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