Halloween Office Desk Decorations 2021 Rules – When it comes to Halloween, your imagination knows no bounds you want to spook everyone around you like you like a spirit especially your seniors or probably juniors as well. We understand your feelings but after all decorum is important and you also do not want to get that warning letter from the HR department yet again! No worries, you can easily Follow these Halloween Office Desk Decorations Rules 2021 for earning reward from the HR.

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Halloween Office Desk Decorations 2021 

The Front Desk Halloween Office Halloween Decorations are the most integral part of the celebrations at work because those are the first things that a person looks at when entering the premises. First of all, keep a check on Halloween Office Themes then hop on to the Halloween Office Decorating Ideas for Work which often include printable halloween decorations for the office, halloween cubicle decorating contest flyer etc. Here are some Halloween Decor Ideas.  

You might want to say that rules are for breaking but maturity lies in saving your job buddy. So, try to imply these rules to avoid getting in any trouble. Just imagine your senior manager walking towards your cubicle and getting all awkward from red lipstick patches on the computer screen or your colleague tripping down from the wire you just hung up for depicting a forest. Follow these Halloween Decoration Rules 2021 and stay safe guys.

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Avoid Bringing Reptile Replicas 

halloween desk decoration ideas 2021

It might sound a little distinct to some but Herpetophobia is actually a phobia of Reptiles that is quite common in adults and kids. They get very very afraid even at the sight of these creatures, so take them only if you are confident enough that no on in the office has Herpetophobia.

Avoid Breaking Office Assets 

halloween decoration ideas 2021 office

Assets provided by the office are our responsibility, hence it is our duty that we maintain them well. Plus, any harm to them would cause a fine to our salary and thus would result in our loss. So, try to control your urges to become the fiery Panda and don not break anything in office.

Racist Decorations Not Allowed

halloween decoration racism

Harming someone’s sentiments is a big big no. Hurting someone’s religious feelings will not only cause their emotional outbreak but can also result in an action against you. So, be very wise in decorating your desk or your work station at office. 

Take Time to Decorate 

halloween desk decor rules office

If you are taking part in the office desk decorations, then it is very important that you complete everything in time. According to us, you should buy these Halloween props and castles well in advance because they are going to be really expensive as you near 31st October. 

Appreciate Teamwork

halloween desk decor rules 2021

Help your colleagues in the decoration of their desks because after all the festivities are all about getting together. Working together will also cause people to appreciate teamwork. You can also take help from them to join in.

Combustible Materials Not Allowed

Halloween decor rules 2021

Flames! that only look good as song so do not bring any kind of combustible material to office in accordance to avoid any fire incident. It is not only about rule following, it is about how responsible you are as a citizen of the country. 

No Plagiarism Please 

Halloween decoration rules

Plagiarism is always wrong for any kind of work, it kills the creativity, it lets down your image and is very harmful for your reputation no matter it is small or big. So, be creative and come out with your authentic ideas to impress the judge. 

Avoid Chemical Components 

halloween idea for office 2021

Are you disguising as an evil doctor and you also need some chemical components as prop for the Halloween decoration? Well, do not use the actual chemicals. Instead, you can opt for the food colors mixed with water as they are completely harmless

Be afraid, be very afraid guys! Wish you a happy Halloween!

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