Halloween is celebrated everywhere be it work or home. A certain set of competitions are organized such as Halloween Desk Decoration Competitions or the Halloween Apple Bobbing for instance. The Halloween is one of the biggest festivals in the world, it is sure celebrated with pomp and show everywhere but you have to be a little appropriate at your work place. The Halloween Cubicle Decorating Contest is organised in almost all offices and here are some rules or abide by if you are an employee who is going to participate.

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Imagine, your manager walking up to your desk and getting all flared up on seeing that spooky skull or perhaps let’s take it up in this way, you have written a  text on your P.C itself with your red lipstick. Good God, this would be freakish enough but is gonna put your job in double trouble. It would be really nice if you already are aware of the rules and regulations so as to save yourself from the crisis.

The Halloween is quite a rage everywhere and it is best to not spoil yours and spoil any other person’s mood hence, here are some keynotes that you should adhere to.The entries will be judged on the basis of a self explanatory level, creativity and the amount of scariness you tend to endow through your decoration.

First things first.

1Do not bring a snake to your desk, or any creepy crawly live creature

You are not supposed to fetch any reptilian kind of things to spook people, they can be really arbitrary to people who are actually Ophidiophobia controlled.

2Safety first. Do not break anything in your office!

You should probably make sure that your desk decorations do not violate safety rules or make any harm to office belongings.

3Take care of sentiments of others. Do not be racist or put up any decoration to offend anyone.

Remember your decoration or creative ideas should not harm anybody’s sentiments around you.Any creativeness which is racist or hurts anyone’s religious values is not viable at any cost.

4You should start decorating your workstation well in advance because you might not get the things you desire for at the last moment.

Doing anything that fosters teamwork will be truly appreciable.

We do worship our workplace and respect our office premises so any kind of decorations with combustible materials is a strict no-no.

The management should distribute the rules and regulations booklet well in advance so that any kind of problems and doubts can be taken into account and be solved at the earliest.

5Please be sure you do not imitate anybody’s ideas because at the end your exclusive imagination will be rewarded.

It is perhaps your responsibility to make sure that the walls and ceilings do not get hampered because of any kinds of adhesive or coloring material.

6You should not use any kind of chemicals or drugs that are harmful to anybody in any sense.

No fire.

The time is ticking away pals, we are only and only a few weeks away from the decision day.

Do some brainstorming and get that grave robber spirit of yours transmitted to your presentation. I bet you will all have fun doing this and it will work as a very gratifying recreational activity for you.

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