Demi Moore rightly said that ” I am a big believer in the fact that if you focus on your skin care, you won’t really need makeup.” I just read this a week ago and got inspired by this instantly. Don’t you think if you try and mend the inner flaws then we actually won’t need makeup to conceal anything?

Well, there is a bunch of information and facts available on the internet that offer a variety of suggestions and advises for you to follow but my friend not everything is true. You should not trust and believe anything that you see on the Internet. Well, once a lady I know read that lemon is good for fighting acne, sure it is but how much and when was not mentioned. She just got carried away and starting applying lemon juice to sleep every night and all her face turned red after a couple of days. First of all, I really believe that you should never put anything on your skin for the whole night. You can always ask for your doctor’s suggestions regarding this.

Let’s head up to some Skincare myths doing rounds on the web and everyone’s brains.

No sunscreen is required if you are inside

Well, its like common sense that our skin does not require sunscreen when we are in. Well, it’s a myth that we are safe from the UV rays when we are indoors. We all know that these rays cause skin aging and are also the cause of skin cancer so it is advisable to apply sunscreen on your skin whether you are heading out or hanging out inside.

Why inside – This is because the UVA RAYS can penetrate the glass walls.

Make up causes pimples

The Makeup in itself does not cause acne but the type of product you are using is the cause of concern over here. Makeup products are not for getting absorbed into the skin but to form a layer on it. Some people apply it the wrong way and hence suffer. Similarly, some products are not meant for your skin but are still used.

I can srub my acne away

Well, when one of my friends was a teenager, she was suffering from immense acne problem. She wanted to get rid of it by hook or by crook so she took a loofah and just rubbed it on her pimples so as to chuck them off. The result – The face turned red and pimples exaggerated. So people never ever play with your acne of any kind of zit or bump on your face. It’s a myth that they will come out this way.

Skin Brightening creams make the skin fairer

This myth is quite a mainstream and I think most of us understand the fact that there is nothing like a skin brightening cream. All they do is damage actually. So never trust any fairness cream because you are perfect as you are.

Excess of water is good for the skin

There is no harm in saying that water is indeed good for your skin as it provides the much-needed hydration that our skin needs. It provides a glow to the skin as it helps us to get rid of all the filth and toxic material from our body. While all this is true, drinking ounces and ounces of water are going to do nothing more. Just try and follow the rule of 8 glasses of water a day as recommended by a doctor and you are good to go.

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