From the time Actress Anushka Sharma wore that beautiful Sabyasachi pastel pink colored lehenga along with the matching jewelry for her wedding, Pastels has become the new reds for every bride out there in India. Not only in India whereas all over the world. From the pretty shades of powder pink to sky blue color, there are a lot of options from which you can pick your favorite one.

With the perfect pastel color outfit, you need to add the matching jewelry too which is soothing to your eyes and adds a touch of glamour to your outfit to bring the entire vibe together. Earring is one of the most important accessories. If you’re looking for some easy on pocket option then go for online shopping. You can buy earrings online too that are available in different colors, sizes, and shapes. These earrings look delicate and pretty from a distance and make you look stunning.

So, here we are to help you in choosing some gorgeous pastel earrings that should be a part of your jewelry collection.

Bottle Green Earrings

If you’re looking for something that can be paired up with almost all your outfits then bottle green earrings are your go-to option. They belong to the color family of green and gives you a traditional look on your big day. This color is itself a beautiful shade and comes out so well in jewelry. Not only for wedding purposes they can be styled with your western outfits.

Powder Pink Earrings

Pink is a beautiful color to start with. There are a different variety of powder pink earrings available in the market in different styles like Jhumka style ( a traditional form of earrings) or meenakari earrings. You can buy these traditional Jhumka online also. If you are going for muted colors then powder pink is the softest shade of pink that you can choose with your wedding attire.

Eggshell Earrings

It is a different color in a pastel family. When we use it for jewelry the piece looks stunning. This color is now the first choice for women out there. No matter what the color of your outfit is the eggshell color brings the entire look altogether. Though it looks best when you pair them up with reds and pinks. Therefore, a pair of these earrings is a must-have.

Powder Blue Earrings

Blue can be a daring color to choose for jewelry. Pastel blue earrings go well with your muted color outfits and also with different shades of red. They can be worn with traditional or western outfits depending on your preferences. You will find them in different varieties in the market.

Purple Colored Earrings

Purple is one of the most favorite colors of today’s women. Though it is a different color for jewelry. When you color coordinates your entire outfit it gives you a regal look. If you’re looking particularly for purple-colored earrings then you can find them online easily. There is a huge variety available at affordable prices.

Powder Yellow Earrings

Yellow is yet another color in the family of pastel colors. They are bright and can add a tint to your outfit. These yellow-colored earrings can be paired up with all your outfits. Most Indian brides during their wedding ceremony wish to wear yellow. They can be paired up with dark-colored outfits too.

Over a period of time earrings have become essential in the jewelry world. They are available in different styles and colors. These are some of the pastel earrings that can be a part of your jewelry collection.

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