Thomas S. Monson rightly says, “Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting“. So let’s give ourself some movie time to enjoy the craziest and happiest time of the winter season.

Some people thoroughly enjoy the Christmas gatherings and dinners but for some of them, it’s a total headache. Well, it’s not important for an anybody to be in a dormant state, there are plenty of movies that you can watch on this blissful day with a cuppa coffee and a packet of popcorn. Here is a list of Christmas themed movies that you can watch lying down in the comfort of your blanket.

Watching movies are like going through an era of a dream. Watching one takes you to another world and lets you imagine things you desire. For instance, if someone is a travel buff, he will love watching movies which has been shot at various places. It’s the magic of the movies that makes us feel that way.

1 Love Actually

The Christmas themed movie is shot in London. The movie explains various love stories. The movie starts with the scene when David, the protagonist confesses his habit of watching people spreading love through goodbyes and arrivals at the airport. He explains how this scenario has become his getaway from the gloomy moments of his life. The movie is emotionally charged and of the best of its genre.

2 Santa Claus: The movie

The movie explains us about how our beloved Santa and his family came into being. The plot begins with the scene when Santa is introduced as the kindhearted middle-aged man who delivers toys and gifts to the children of his own village. The family opens their eyes in a workshop of North Pole after an ungrateful night. The journey begins then. Santa becomes Santa Claus and recruits associates to help him spread happiness. He also goes on various adventures whilst his journey. Watch the movie to find out.

3 A Christmas Carol

This one is one of my favorite movies of all time as it talks about how one should accept changes in life. The story begins with the scene when Uncle Scrooge the main character ignores his nephew’s petition to celebrate Christmas and also does not donate any kind of money related to the Christmas charity. The man is then visited by ghosts of his pasts who explain to him how his misery will lead him to a lifeless future ahead and also how he lost his wife and other beloved acquaintances. After such events, he transforms into a better man and also repents not accepting contentment coming his way.

4 The Elf ( 2003 )

This is an amazingly presented comedy movie and is sweet enough to impress the kids with its awesome gags. The protagonist “buddy” is played by Will Ferrell. This human elf has a big and a kind heart. The movie revolves around the fact that he is raised by the elves and works in the toy factory for Santa. He visits New York to find his biological father and the climax starts from then.

5 I’ll be home for Christmas

The title is so apt for all those who live far away from their homes. The story gets you to realize the value of your friends and family. Jake, the protagonist is pissed off at his father because he married another lady only 10 months after his mother’s death. Jake is promised a Porsche if he visits home on Christmas Eve, but due to some ill fate events and in lieu of his cunning friend circle he is deserted at a place, the story gets interesting from thereon. During his journey, Jake realizes the importance of his father’s love and affection.

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