Best Christmas Movies Of All Time- The season of white snow, twinkling Christmas trees and red Santa Caps calls in for a fiery Christmas Spirit and these movies highlight the same even more. Be it old Christmas movies or recent christmas movies, they do have mutual elements like love and comedy for sure. Although most of them are family christmas movies but you can also watch the unique and recent christmas movies in the category best Christmas movies on netflix too. Scroll below to check the entire list of Best Christmas Movies Of All Time.

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Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

We host and are invited to a lot of Christmas dinners and gatherings! So why not also have a Christmas movie session for the entire family after the same. This way you can come share your views and reviews and strengthen your bond even more. Apart from this, you can also watch these movies along with your girlfriend or boyfriend too. And In case you live alone, you can always scroll best Christmas movies on netflix.

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Love Actually

The movie Love Actually is highly emotionally charged because it talks about the goodbyes and greeting at the airport. It comprises of various love stories about 8 different love couples living in the London city. The movie was released in the year 2003.

Santa Claus: The Movie

The Santa Claus movie was released in the year 1985 and is based on how a middle aged man carves his way to become Santa Claus. It takes us into a nostalgia ride which takes us into the 14th century. The movie revolves around how becomes Santa Claus.

 A Christmas Carol

The movie is totally based on the concept of how one should accept changes in life. The movie starts with the main lead Uncle Scrooge who does not give money to the charity and his nephew for the Christmas festivities. The entire story line revolves around how he changes for good.

 The Elf ( 2003 )

The protagonist “buddy” is played by Will Ferrel is definitely the heart and soul of the movie. It revolves around the story of a human who works in Santa’s factory and is raised by elves. The climax of the movie starts when he meets his biological father.

I’ll be home for Christmas

The movie “I’ll be home for Christmas was released in the year 1998 and is lovely and emotional family drama movie. The story revolves around the character Jake who is upset with his father for marrying another women just after his mother’s death. He only understands the value of his father and his family when he is deserted by this bullying football team.

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