Isn’t it so ironical and funny that all around the year we try to be all stylish and sophisticated, we tend to always wear classy and elegant clothes to look like a total fashionista and then we start looking for ugly Christmas sweaters? For people who do not know what do they stand for, tacky sweaters are worn during Christmas festivities so as to glorify the sparkling time of the year and have a fun wearing all those nanny made sweaters.

Let’s talk about some DIY methods to save you from having a hole in your pocket.

Ties would help

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Take a good old sweater and a bunch of old ties that you do not intend to use it any time further in future. Attach some tinsels, bells and all the Christmas accessories. Make around four of them and sew it in the center point of your sweater. You can also add large bows to the cuffs.

Be a Polythene bag

You will need a good old and plain sweater for this purpose. Buy a big plastic bag from the nearby mart and wrap it all around the sweater safely. For a more enhanced effect, put some cotton inside the polythene. Do not forget to keep it open and loose from the neck.

Be a calculator

This is the easiest way to make math fearing people run away from you and others making a gag out of your outfit. You will just need a chart paper and from it cut out some numberings and symbols. Place them all in sync with the help of a glue stick.

All shimmer sweater

Just wrap around a bunch of fairy light around your sweater in a symmetrical way and tadaa you are done. Using a green color sweater for this method will be an icing on the cake as it will give you the feeling of being a Christmas tree.

Be a fan

Take up any color sweater of your choice and turn it into a photo frame, you will just have to get a colorful print of your favorite celeb’s picture. Try to have a funny picture of them and make your hairstyle just like the person in the picture.

The Rudolph sweater

Have an epic #squad night with these 3-D sweaters!

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You can get half a dozen of little Rudolph dolls and attach them to your sweater for a 3-d effect if this is not easily possible for you can also get the help of a tailor. There is no harm in wearing a Rudolph mask as well.

Button up Christmas tree

“If you know how to sew, you are probably done with half of the clue”. I know the poem was tacky just like the sweater. Gather lots of buttons and attach them in the shape of a Christmas tree on the sweater itself. Add tinsels to your shoulders, cuffs, and waist as well.

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