Ugly Christmas Sweaters- Glitters and Glam, Tacky and Cheap! Whatever it maybe matching Christmas sweaters is one of the best part of the holiday festivities. Well and why not this way you get to show lot of creativity to your loved ones. Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters include the granny’s favorite woolen pullover. Well, if you want to go the unconventional way, you can check out the Ugly Christmas Sweaters: High Quality and Trendy Sweaters from this list of options. Also given are their DIY methods and steps.

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Ugly Sweaters made a trend during the year 1980 when the characters in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie wore really awful sweaters during a scene. The very first Ugly Christmas Sweater party was held in Canada in the year 2000’s and from there on it literally became a Christmas ritual. If you want to win the funniest Christmas sweater party competition, check out these Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas from down below.

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Red and White Elf Legs

ugly christmas sweaters

Take a red color plain cardigan or sweater along with Red and White Elf sticks. All you need to do is paste all of them on the sweater as per your choice. You can either paste it in symmetry or in a creative way. This is perhaps the easiest way of creating a diy Christmas ugly sweater.

Plastic Made Ugly Sweater

best ugly christmas sweaters
derek @newspapercat

Do you want to go entirely unique with your choice of Ugly Christmas Sweater? Well, do some hard work and gather all the stationery for the craft. You will a plain sweater of any color, a cellophane paper and a some staplers. You can also use some ornaments and balls to put inside the cellophane.

Mirror Reflection Ugly Sweater

ugly christmas sweater diy

Well, this is quite an unique idea for Ugly Christmas sweaters. Although it is undoubtedly a task to make this one but it will surely earn you many compliments. To make the sweater, you will need a cardboard cut out of an elf. The only thing you have to do is make sure that the face of the elf is hollow. Past reflecting stationery mirror on the face and tadaa you are done.

Ugly Christmas Sweater with Lights

ugly christmas sweaters

Become a Christmas tree this holiday season by wearing a Green color sweater or cardigan. All you need to do is paste fairy lights all over in symmetry. Make sure you also put on a couple of ornaments on the sweater for an added up effect.

Lord Jesus Ugly Sweater

ugly christmas sweater

Celebrate the birthday of Lord Jesus in an authentic way! All you need to do is wear a ugly Christmas sweater with the picture of Lord Jesus. You can either go the diy way by getting a print and pasting on your plain sweater. You can also buy it from Amazon for $34.99.

Rudolph Sweater

ugly christmas sweater

The traditional Rudolph never goes out of style during the holiday season so get into the Christmas spirit by pasting either a 3-D Rudolph Toy on your plain sweater or buying one from Amazon for anywhere between $9.99 to $39.99.

Button Up Ugly Sweater

ugly christmas sweater
mandy nicole

“If you know how to sew, you are probably done with half of the clue”. I know the poem was tacky just like the sweater. Gather lots of buttons and attach them in the shape of a Christmas tree on the sweater itself. Add tinsels to your shoulders, cuffs, and waist as well.

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