Today morning I just read a quote that really made my day and here it goes, “ All I want this Christmas is to be loved by you. Still, you better get me something.” Rofl! I found this one to be really intriguing and I am gonna definitely suggest all my friends to text this one to their boyfriends.

Okay, celebrating any occasion with a person whom you have not known for that long is a task in itself. You have to think ways which are amazing as well as non-embarrassing at the same time. I mean you certainly cannot go wrong with anything. Leaving all the worries behind, let’s talk about how to really celebrate Christmas with your beloved boyfriend.

 Communicate Extensively

Holidays are exhausting and so are your work schedules. It is also rightly said that the more you talk it out, the more you get clear about your relationship. Well, obviously do not freak him out with serious talks instead try to know each other more. One way that you can do that is by having some coffee together all alone in your bedroom or whichever way you like it to be.

 Plan a candlelight dinner

This might sound very cliche, but it is one way to know about your partner’s food choices. Take a note of what he orders and has fondly. Besides, this you can also spend some quality time together this way.

 Do good deeds together

You need to first know if your partner agrees to it or not. If he does, plan a philanthropic activity together. You can volunteer at any nearby N.G.O. Both of you can pool together and be the secret Santa to all those underprivileged kids.

 Play Love Scrabble

Get yourself a scrabble board game, and play it along with your significant other. Tell him that he can only add words of love to the game and none other. This way you would be able to know who amongst you has this superlative kind of romantic vocabulary.

 Bake for him

Ask him about his favorite dish and cook it for him, trust me he will be very happy with this gesture of yours. Make sure you practice making it well in advance so as to avoid any negligence.

 Have a walk together

Wear your beanies and woolen caps, and head out for a long walk together. You can both hold hands and walk as well as communicate. You can have your favorite food together and enjoy the Christmas aura in the city.

 Lie down under the stars

Plan a night out on the roof itself, take some food and his favorite wine upstairs and also put up some bedding for you to lie down on.

Share with him all that you want to under the blanket of stars.

 Watch Christmas Movies together

Binge on some popcorn and watch his favorite Christmas movie together. This is a perfect plan that also goes super easy on the pocket. You can just both lie down on the bed and cuddle with each other too.

 Plan fun activities for him

If he has that adrenaline rush in him, then you can plan a visit to your nearest adventure park. Have his favorite foods, enjoy rides and make him feel special on this day.

 Have a swimming session

You can plan a visit to your nearest resort and enjoy the Christmas food and decorations over there. Wear your favorite swimsuits and yeah jump up into the water. Make sure the pool is indoors because it is hell cold during the holiday season.

 Play Santa for him the night before

Buy the stuff he has always had his eyes on, and keep it under his pillow a night before. He will be surprised as well as more than happy with this gesture of yours.

 Make him feel special

You can use your creativity to write some confessions expressing reasons as to why you love him the most. Plan a whole day according to him, including his favorite food, his favorite movie, favorite getaway and make him feel that you really care for him.

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