Christmas Traditions Around the World- Traditions and Rituals are always a part of the December 25th ie Christmas festivities. Be it modern Christmas traditions or the funny family Christmas traditions. The celebration is totally incomplete without them. If you remember some meaningful and memorable Christmas traditions from your nation and want to incorporate other ones too, then check the entire list of Christmas Traditions in Germany, France, Spain and America from down below.

Christmas Traditions

The festival of Christmas is very important according to the Christian traditions because the holy child Lord Jesus was a Messiah or Holy Angel as promised by the prophets. God had come to Earth as Jesus to spread the word for love and peace which is why billions of people all over the world are a part of the Christmas festivities. But each nation and region celebrate the festival of Christmas in their own unique kind of way. While some are inspired by the Chinese Christmas traditions and some others by Australian Christmas traditions. We will now take you on a virtual tour about the Christmas Traditions from all around the world.

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Christmas Traditions in Germany

christmas traditions in germany

Germany is a country located in the European region. Just like the American counterpart, Christmas is regarded as most gala time of the year. There are many German traditions related to this festival which have been listed down below.

Advent Calendar

They start counting 4 weeks to Christmas with the help of the Advent Calendar. Every day new page is opened and a new chocolate is revealed.

Decorating Advent Wreath

An Advent Wreath is put in the living room along with the candles. The entire family gathers around the wreath to pray every day.

No Tree Revelation Before Christmas

In some households, the Christmas tree is not revealed until the Christmas eve.

St. Nicholas is kid’s favorite

St. Nicholas distributes candies instead of Santa Claus. People usually drink the steaming hot Mulled wine during the Christmas season.

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Christmas Traditions in France

christmas traditions in france
complete france

France has always been a popular getaway destination during the Christmas holiday season. These traditions although different from the other countries have the same aim which is spreading happiness and liveliness. Check out how the French celebrate the Christmas season.

Le Réveillon

It means wake up and revive and it is a Christmas feast served on the Christmas day during family reunions and get together.

Traditional Christmas Food

The traditional Christmas food usually include Salmon, Turkey, Goose and Sponge Cake. There are many other 12-13 desserts specially dedicated to Christmas as well.

Knotting Table Cloth

French usually knot the table cloth from the edges so that no devil can enter their feast.

Distributing Papillotes

Papillotes are chocolates or candies distributed to the kids.

Christmas Traditions in Spain

christmas traditions in spain

Spanish Christmas Traditions or Philiphino Christmas Traditions are quite different than their American counterparts. Hence, if you are in Spain this holiday season, you can experience and check out a bunch of Spanish traditions.


Also known as huge Bethlehemnativity scenes, these are put up during the Christmas season. They are usually very large and are put up at market places.

Caga Tió

The Caga Tió refers to a pooping log which is dressed up as a toy and fed peels of Orange every day. Kids usually keep it at their homes and wish the Caga Tió to poop out lot of Nougat candies in return.

El Gordo

The El Gordo is known as the biggest lottery in the world and people usually enjoy and play it during the Christmas holidays in Spain.

Basque Father Christmas

The Basque Father Christmas is actually referred to as the father of Christmas in Spain. He is the one who brings gifts and candies for kids.

Chinese Christmas Traditions

christmas traditions in china

The festival of Christmas is actually celebrated as a non religious holiday in China. But because of commercialization and globalization there has been a frequent rise in the celebrations of the same. Check some Chinese Christmas traditions from down below.

Preparation of Chinese New Year

The festival of Christmas actually portrays the onset of the upcoming New Year and thus there is a lot of Hulla Baloo every where. You will also see lights and lanterns everywhere during Christmas.

Australia Christmas Traditions

christmas traditions in australia
Adelaide Christmas pageant

Well, the festival of Christmas occurs during the summer season in Australia so there are a lot of changes with the whole scenario of the festival. The usual traditions for Christmas have been listed below.

Myers Christmas Window

Myers is a departmental store chain of Australia which trades in the entire country. The brand usually puts up a different kind of Christmas scene every year hence it has become tradition in Australia.

Annual Christmas Pageant

The origins of the Adelaide Christmas Pageant dates back to the year 1933. It includes a parade which displays Santa Claus, fairies and different kinds of exhibits related to the festival as well. The float balloons are the heart and soul of the parade.

Christmas Traditions in America

christmas traditions in america

The United States of America celebrates the festival of Christmas with the utmost amount of enthusiasm and here are some Christmas traditions as follows.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is described as one day before the actual Christmas Day which is the December 24th. This is the day when the Christmas Gifts are actually distributed among people. The Midnight Mass is also a considered as an important part of this day. Besides that, the Christmas Eve is famous for the distribution of Christmas Box which is filled with sweets, pajamas etc and given to small children.

Christmas Parties

Christmas Parties are thrown everywhere in the world be it work, schools, offices or households. These parties usually starts 2-3 weeks before the actual date. Planning for a Christmas Party can be a task so you need to have a checklist of your priorities well in advance. Various activities that are enjoyed at the Christmas Parties include

  • Wreath Making
  • Christmas Cookies Making
  • Homemade Christmas Ornaments
  • Christmas Garland Making
  • Christmas Movies

Christmas Decorations

Both Outdoor and Indoor decorations are put up either in early December or late in November but do you know what is the real reason behind the Christmas Decorations. Well, the Pagan used to decorate their houses with tree branches which reminded them about the Spring Season. It is also believed that Fir Trees were used by Romans during the festival of Saturnalia.In Contemporary, the most popular Christmas Decorations include Candles, Lights, Christmas Baubles, Ornaments etc.

Crib Decoration on Christmas

The straws and sticks are the most basic elements that are used to make a Christmas Crib but what is a Christmas Crib on the first place. Well, the Christmas Crib defines a mangar where baby Jesus was made to sleep.The Crib is an important part of the nativity scene which recreates the scene describing the birth of Lord Jesus.

Christmas Cards

The origin of the tradition of distributing Christmas Cards dates back to the year 1843 and was started by Sir Henry Cole in the United Kingdom. The usual illustrations on the card depicted family dinner, charity to the poor and Christmas decorations. The official Christmas Card tradition was actually started in the 1840’s after Queen Victoria.

Christmas Cards can be commercial or handmade but they all depict the same meaning of love and affection. People usually send out Season’s Greeting to their close ones and distant acquaintances. Sometimes, these Christmas Cards are accompanied by Christmas Letters.

Christmas Menu

Christmas Menu is usually concerned with what is served at a traditional Christmas Dinner. The usual menu includes stuffed Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots, Turnips, Christmas Pudding, Cakes, Apple Pie, Raisin Puddings and Fruitcakes.

This Christmas Feast or Christmas Dinner is usually held on the Christmas Eve or on the Christmas Day itself. These dinners are often preceded and succeeded with a prayer of grace by the family and friends.Hot chocolate is everyone’s favorite part of the Christmas menu.

Christmas Tree Decoration

The decoration of the Christmas Tree begins during the most wonderful time of the year. It is usually described as an evergreen conifer tree of fir, spruce or pine. The real meaning of the Christmas Tree dates back to the Renaissance period when Martin Luther King first added candles to an evergreen tree.

Christmas Trees since than have become an important part of the Christmas festival. They are decorated with Christmas Baubles, Bells, Stars, Candles, Lights etc. Almost all important areas and churches set up a Christmas Tree of their own.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The origins of the advent of the Ugly Christmas Sweater dates back to the year 2002 when Chris Boyd and John Birch threw the first ever Ugly Christmas Party at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. Well, these sweaters or jumpers are often knitted from head to toe and usually have the tackiest winter style design.

Merry Christmas ya all!

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