Cinco De Mayo is an event that marks the victory of the Mexican army over the French troupes in a battle in Puebla. A lot of people ask about what is Cinco De Mayo. The Cinco De Mayo facts are a bunch and many people are probably not aware of the real ones. The Mexicans won in the battle of 1862 under the guidance of their General Ignacio Zaragoza.

The celebration of this day actually has its roots about what happened after the reform of the liberals. These inside wars nearly looted the Mexican treasury and the country was on the verge of being Bankrupt. All this led the then President Benito Juarez to ban the foreign Debt payments for 2 years. Because of this, the French, British and the Spain forces came to Mexico to negotiate about the reimbursement.

Spain and the British forces went back after some negotiations but the French Army led by Napoleon III wanted to grasp this opportunity to take over the whole of Mexico.They wanted a battle which eventually happened. The badly equipped army of Mexico was able to defeat the well-equipped army of French and establish its victory over them and thus Cinco De Mayo is celebrated.

A lot of people confuse the day of Cinco De Mayo by calling it the Mexican Independence Day but that it is not true because their Independence day actually falls on the 16th September. The Cinco De Mayo is not a federal holiday as well.

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Let us now see how Cinco De Mayo is celebrated.

1Many Musical performances and Parades are held

The Cinco De Mayo is widely celebrated in the Los Angeles and one of the biggest Cinco De Mayo party is held in the city of Los Angeles where a thousand of people gather annually to experience the musical performance and traditional food.

2Lot of Avocados are consumed on Cinco De Mayo


It is believed that Americans consume a round figure of 81 million of pounds of Avocados on this day. The number of Avocado consumption has only risen since then.

3They were Puebla dresses

To commemorate the victory of their country, they wear the traditional Puebla dresses which are made of cotton bark, cotton and agave plants. With the change of time, they have now incorporated their dress with silk, satin, and lace as well. These dresses are really gorgeous and colorful and are worn by people taking part in the Cinco De Mayo parade.

4The musicians sing songs of Revolutionary heroes

Various musicians travel from one town to another to spread the news of their revolutionary heroes and enemies as well. They sing and dance to patriotic songs inspired by Mariachi music which originated in the 19th century of the town of Jalisco.

5People dance to “Baile folklórico”

The “Baile folklórico” dance form also originated in the 19th century and got famous among people after the country realized it’s national identity and cultural significance after its Independence.

6They consume a lot of Margarita

While consuming Margarita is not a part of traditional Cinco De Mayo celebrations, but it has become popular in many places and cities. It is known as the Cinco Week actually.

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