We are all fans of graceful and beautiful Huda Kattan, she is a famous beauty blogger who posts absolutely amazing tricks to tame makeup options we desire for. Let me align a step by step guide about all sorts of eye makeup types so that you can achieve the looks you have your eyes on.

For a winged eyeliner


First of all, apply a primer or a good eye cream on your eyelids and beneath your eyes. You can use a tape on the corners of your eyelid to avoid the mess. Start by applying dots over your eyelashes and then just join them with the applicator. Buy a liquid eyeliner from Amazon.

How to achieve the smokey eye look!

This look is apt for your late night parties. The trademark of Kim Kardashian is apparently the smokey eye look and to achieve this one you need to be extra careful and hardworking too.

After you are done with all the concealing of blemishes or dark circles if you have any, start applying a pink or nude color eye shadow on the upper eyelid. Similarly, apply some dark eye shadow of your choice preferably mahogany onto the already done application. Spread it up significantly all over the eye area. Then apply some gel eyeliner with the help of a brush all over the lower eyelid.

Smudge the thing a little! and again apply the mahogany with a brush over your upper eyelid. Spread this up to the corners of the eye giving it a wing kinda look.

Apply a little kajal on the waterline after that and some mascara to the eyelashes as well.
To finish up the process, apply some Compaq powder to conceal the eye bags and also brush up the leftover upper and inner part of the eye with a highlighter.

The Minimalist look


If you are preparing yourself up for a casual date, then it’s probably best to avoid the all covered up eye look. Fetch yourself some fake eyelashes which are available at Amazon for $15 or so. Do not forget to apply a beautiful shade of red or pink lip color for a stunning face off.

How to apply the eye shadow

First of all, bring into play the base color on your eyelids with a subtle eyeshadow brush. Remember that the color of the eyeshadow should match your skin tone aptly. Then apply a radiant preferred color of your choice on the upper eyelid. Start applying the darker shade on the outer corners of the eyelid and blend it well. Now apply a little highlighter in the inner corner and smudge softly. Also, use the highlighter just beneath the outer corners of your eyebrows.Smudge the darker shade all over but remember being gentle enough .Finish with a kajal and eyeliner.

For a Mermaid Look

Start by applying a concealer all over and shove it off with a settling powder base. Now apply some eye shadow that matches your skin tone. Fetch a goldenish eye shadow and apply it all over the lids and also onto the inner corners. Finish by applying some mascara and a teal colored kajal. For a more vibrant look, use the teal kajal as an eyeliner.

The Ombre Feel

Fetch eyeliners in three different colors but those should fall in the same color family. Start by applying the dots one after the another and join them gently. Do not smudge and blend much otherwise the colors can get lost. Finish my accentuating your eyelashes with a mascara.

“ A little bit of mascara and a lot of confidence.”

I would recommend each one of you reading this blog to use quality products to avoid harming your dear eyes.

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