The best way to take care of your summer skin is to opt for home remedies as they have very few side effects as compared to the other alternatives if used rightly and knowingly. The summer beauty secrets should be followed regularly so as to ensure fresh looking skin throughout the day even in the harsh summer season.

The summer season brings the scorching heat and blazing sunlight and bouts of dust along with it. All these, take a toll on our skin and make it all dull and shady if not taken care of. It is believed that sunscreen is the most important entity of the summer season but there are a heck lot of other things that should also go along with it. Every person has their own kind of skin hence summer care for oily skin and summer care for dry skin is totally different.

Here are some season beauty hacks that you should always remember.

Use Aloe Vera

Take up an aloe vera strand and put it in an ice cube tray for a good 5 minutes so that it becomes all cold and refreshing. Now, just put up this aloe vera gel on your face to soothe the skin after a day out in sun.

Apply antiperspirant on your feet

If you do not want your skin to smell bad after all that sweating out in the sun, then following this rule would be a perfect choice for you. Just wash your feet and dry it out. Now spray some antiperspirant on your feet to get rid of all the sweating.

Use some baby powder

If you have just got your legs or arms shaved or waxed, then your leg skin would all be thick and harsh after all that. So as to curb the harsh and itchy skin. You can simply apply some baby powder all over and tadaa you are ready to wear those cut sleeves top and quirky shorts.

Always stick to Waterproof makeup

Do not let that impromptu dive in the pool smudge all your Kajal and eyeliner and make you look like a witch who is out for swimming. It feels ridiculous when all your foundation and sweat on the face gets mixed and smudged. Never ever let that happen, always use waterproof products during summers.

Rub deodorant on your thighs

If you do not want your thighs to rub each other while you are sitting in shorts, then you can use a deodorant and spray them on the legs. It will genuinely prevent that sweating from happening and will save them in these kinds of situations.

Use concealer brush to save your lip color from smudging

You can use a concealer brush to define your lips as it will prevent the lipstick from bleeding and smudging. Just take a very little bit of concealer on the brush and define the outline. After that, just put on your lip shade and you are done.

Put the nail polish in the fridge

Have you ever noticed your nail polishes turn all thick and gooey. Well, that is because of the high rise in temperature. The sure shot way of saving them from becoming like that is to consider keeping them in the fridge.

Happy Summers.!! 

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