Ghats are the series of steps leading down to a body of water basically a holy river. They are the best place which gives one the opportunity to be so close to water and feel the immense peace over there. People also consider Ghats as a place to take bath and wash over their all sins from the past. But the Ghats of Udaipur are not famous for these beliefs but for their beauty.

As everyone knows that Udaipur has been tilted as ‘The Most Beautiful City’ of the world. It’s also said, “See Venice and die, but see Udaipur and live to see it again and again”.

The Ghats plays a very crucial role in making it possible and to reach it at that point. There are mainly four Ghats you really need to visit and spend an ample time over there and you’ll see the change in you after visiting there. You can even say those places a real stress burst places.

The Ghats are as follows:

  1. Gangaur Ghat
  2. Ambrai Ghat
  3. Laal Ghat
  4. Nav Ghat


The scent of this place is mesmerizing with the people sitting around and on the stairs of Ghats soaking in the peace from the calm water in front of their eyes. This place can be among one of the best places of Udaipur even after not having much but having the best. There is peace over here and the ultimate sun set point.

History & Water Arrival

In the 1878, under Maharana Shakti Singh the three gates of Gangaur Ghat were constructed also known as Tripoliya for the haveli named ‘Baghor Ki Haveli’. The cold water present in it has its arrival from The Lake Pichola. All the Ghats are associated with Lake Pichola only.

Glimpse of its Spirituality

As its name is ‘Ganghor Ghat’, which symbolize the auspicious festival of Rajasthan and which is also practiced in Kolkata and West Bengal by the Rajasthanis over there. It’s basically celebrated so as to obtain marital bliss by the wives and even the one which are not married for their future husband.All these people gather over here and perform the religious rituals. Apart from this Ganpati Visarjan and Durga Visarjan are also performed here.

Serenity of this Place

The three gates, they are in series and are always opened. The entrance of the side gates are chained while the middle one is open. Mornings and evening are the best time to visit over there. So many pigeons, who are feed by a lot of people out of which mostly, do it in order to collect blessings from God (‘Punya’). That’s why this place promotes Spirituality and Culture at its most. When the sunlight falls on the water in the lake, the view is so awesome. It feels as if diamonds and crystals are floating on the surface and a sudden splash of water make it look as a crystal shower. At odd times this place is so calm and it adds up to its serenity and spirituality. There are 2 great temples also present over there which are situated over there. They are regularly taken care of and people do visit there and seek the blessings.

Role in adding glory to the City

There are a lot of movies,Television programmes and reality shows shooted over here. Recent movies are ‘Yeh Jawani h Dewani’ and ‘Ramleela’. There are a lot of shops all around this place. They all are almost consisting of the items promoting the tradition and culture of Rajasthan and this place. The hotels around gives a beautiful view of the water present.



To reach there, head to the Hanuman Ghat area and keep walking along the road that runs parallel to Lake Pichola as far as you can, past the Amet Haveli hotel and Ambrai restaurant.

Brief Description

Ambrai Ghat is an amazing place for enjoying photography; the location offers numerous vantage points. Ambrai Ghat is also known as ‘Hanuman Ghat’. Ambrai Ghat is in the list of ‘top 20 places to visit in Udaipur’.

The Breathtaking Beauty

Ambrai Ghat is located on the bank of Pichola Lake. City palace, the largest palace in Udaipur is in directly opposite of Ambrai Ghat. Ambrai Ghat holding full dignity faces Lake Palace or Jagniwas, which is an elegant hotel featuring white marble walls, located on a natural foundation of 4 acres rock. Especially at sunset, when it is lighted, it gives eye soothing view. In the Diwali, the fireworks from city palace, makes the view from Ambrai heart touching and you’ll be requiring a real good reason to leave the place before the fireworks are over.

The Ambrai Restaurant

Ambrai Restaurant provides international cuisine in this perfect environment. The restaurant is part of a heritage hotel and is basically on a corner of the property. The Heritage Hotel is same as Taj Hotel except the space at the back side of the hotel. The ambiance is amazing but mostly in part due to the beautiful lighting of the hotels and palaces on Lake Pichola. The trees are lined with pretty lanterns and the tables lit with candles. During the winters, when the temperature falls down to an extent they provide Mashals with red burning charcoals to keep you warm throughout the dinner. Ambrai, at night is like you are sitting in a place covered with gold guarded with the immense care from the lines of oxygen providing trees. A fantaboulous bar is made by Ambrai Restaurant to add the cheery to cake the dining. To make the atmosphere of the hotel more romantic, a light traditional music is being performed live. Ambrai Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in India with such an eye catching view and class food.

The View this place provides

The view of all the Palaces from there is like considering you to be the King/Queen of that place; it seems everything is under our control. The clear blue water over there adds up to the peace of your mind and opens up the pores to let it breathe in calmness and serenity. During sunset, boating in the lake will do wonders and will leave you spell bound. The place will force you to soak in its beautiful memories which will be life lasting.


An outrageously religious place of Udaipur, Laal Ghat witnesses a swarm of devotees throughout the year. Pilgrims from far and wide, travel to LAL Ghat for a holy dip. According to the Hindu beliefs, a dip in the waters of LaaL Ghat ensures your sins are forgiven and you will be reincarnated as a human in your next life. This belief draws thousands of devotees to the LAL Ghat for a dip. This particular area is surrounded with 4 and 5 star hotels that have been accommodating travellers for years. The close proximity to the train station and the bus depot makes this place a perfect destination for travellers. Since it is well connected to all the remaining tourist hotspots of Udaipur, travelling becomes convenient and effortless from Laal Ghat. The markets have a pastoral charm that marvels and woos travellers with their colorful embellishments.

The Guest House

Laal ghat Guest House is an old Haveli overlooking the majestic Pichola Lake, Guest house is lower leaving than many others around. It was one of the originals and is the right place where we meet other back-packers and we can share our travel experiences. It’s an old stone building with a new annexes built on the lakeside. There is a great view from the rooftops of the City Palace, Jag-Mandir Palace and Lake. Also has a shady courtyard with a long table- good for getting to know other guests. It’s just a place to snooze. You’ll likely spend more of your hours in the restaurant area upstairs, an uber-chilled-out zone with little lake-scoping nooks where you can while away days, with a book or new pals. Simply put, this is a great destination for meeting other like-minded backpackers, particularly for outgoing solo travelers keen on a spot of company.

Laal Ghat Guest house is perfectly situated in the heart of the old city adjoining to the City Palace and behind the famous Jagdish temple next to the Pichola Lake.


India’s First Ever Lake Facing Hostel. Nestled in the erstwhile mangrove on palace side of the Lake Pichola, just adjacent to the magnificent palace complex of Udaipur, NAV GHAT or the boat dockyard is now defined by the picturesque SHAHAR KOT. The sheer depth of calmness, the heightened sense of oneness and the beauty of the Palace along with Lake Pichola, come together in a unique combination of archaic modernity in Shahar Kot.

Udaipur is surely a mini Paradise.


Contributors:- Aayushi Jain

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