Most people who use Q-Tips actually put them inside their ear canal.

Don’t Do That!

This pushes the earwax further into your ear and against the eardrum. Anything pushed against the eardrum means it won’t vibrate effectively. Which can cause hearing Damage.

Ear Wax is Good For You and Isn’t Dirty

It’s a safety device that keeps your ears free from insects.

It also acts as a lubrication device in your ear canal to prevent itching

Ear Wax is also acidic which keeps fungus from growing in your ears

And It traps hair, dust, and dead skin – which is carried out of your ear by chewing and yawning

So, How should you remove ear wax?

You Shouldn’t

Earwax should only be removed by a professional if you have an unhealthy buildup

So the rule of the thumb is

Don’t put anything inside your ear smaller than an elbow!!

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